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anyone read PLS 2 yet?

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anyone read PLS 2 yet?
« on: October 29, 2003, 02:51:40 PM »

I just saw that Planet Law School's second edition was out.  Is it any good, any different from the first edition?

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Re: anyone read PLS 2 yet?
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2004, 05:16:28 PM »
I just finished reading PLS II, but I must point out that I've never read PLS I.  With that said, I'd like to make a few general comments about it.  First, the PLS techinique itself usually falls on opposite sides of the continuum:  people either love it or hate it.  I happen to believe in it 100%.  I have about a year and a half before I go to law school myself, and in between that time I'm going to read PLS II several times as well as follow its advice by doing all the intense pre-preps.  Having read all the other "must reads" (Law School Confidential, etc.), PLS II seems to give the best advice. How can I prove this though?  Only time will tell for me .  Some additional testimonies by students who have actually tried it would be beneficial here in this forum. 

Second, from everything I've heard and read by other law students, PLS II seems to be right on target when it says all the case briefing in class won't help you write the best exams (which are based on the Black Letter law).  Law school seems more of a hazing that prospective attorneys must endure to "pay their dues" from what I've heard, but I'm willing to keep an open mind about it and just do the best I can when I get there.

Overall, PLS II is definately worth checking out (in my opinion only). :)