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Decision Dates for Last Year (UPDATED WITH DING DATES)

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--- Quote from: tralala on November 07, 2005, 10:57:05 AM ---This is just when acceptances started going out.  There was no distinction between EA and ED, because I'm nice, but I'm not that nice!

Seriously though--can we sticky this?  I'll update it for this year as things start to come in ;D

--- End quote ---

I agree, this is really helpful...cheers

I'll help supplement the thread. 

Same deal but tailored to specific numbers and dates changed from earliest to likely (and including complete dates).

Edit: These complete/decision dates hold water only if you applied during early Oct or Sept.

Heres the top 15 or so schools (excluding yale and including Texas) tailored to likely decision dates for people with low 170s and near 3.5 gpas.

Decision None
Complete Col 20 NYU 20 Mich 20 Penn 20 (i.e. 10/20)

Decision Texas 01 George 15 Mich 20
complete NU 15 Cornell 10 Berk 15 GT 12 UT 01 Virg 01 Stan 08 Harv 15

Decision Duke 01 Cornell 15 Virg 15 Penn 20 NYU 01 (Berk and Harv admit qualified apps at this time)

Decision Col 31 Nu 06 Chicago 20 (Stanford lets in qualified during this time)

Note: Berkley, Stanford, and Harvard let applicants in on the months listed but their process continued for many months and was very irregular in that it was not as confined to a particular date as the other schools.  Also, my U.T. dates are sketchy due to the lack of people with the numbers I was looking at who reported their time tables to LSN.

John Galt:
Tralala, this was an awesome thread. I can't access LSN from my dorm and this is a nifty little way to control my anxiety! Thank you so much.

Nowayman, supplement is awesome as well. Hopefully those dates will stay roughly the same for this year as well.

The Dread Pirate Roberts:
Haha.  I just made a list of the dates for my schools this morning.  If only I'd waited.  :)

I have to just keep reminding myself that I need to relax and not expect to hear from anyone for another month instead of, y'know, running from my bus stop to my mailbox.  ;)  At least I have Netflix to keep my mail getting experience generally pleasant.

tralala, does your moniker refer to the film "Last Exit To Brooklyn"?


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