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JOB: Columbia Law, Judicial Clerkship Director


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JOB: Columbia Law, Judicial Clerkship Director
« on: November 03, 2005, 04:40:15 PM »
Columbia Law School

Director of Judicial Clerkships and Judicial Relations

Grade 13



November 2005


Reporting to the Dean of Students, and in cooperation with the Faculty Judicial Clerkship committee, the Clerkship Director will be responsible for managing all aspects of the judicial clerkship process, with the goal of increasing the number of graduates who receive clerkships. In order to increase the visibility of the clerkship program and enhance the school’s relationships with the judiciary, the Clerkship Director will coordinate meetings with judges and faculty. The Clerkship Director will coordinate events designed to educate students about judicial clerkships, career paths, and the clerkship application process. The Clerkship Director will also be responsible for counseling all students about the law school curriculum.  As a member of the Student Services office, the Clerkship Director will help plan and implement Law School programs and events.




1.      Counsel students and alumni on clerkship application strategies and curricular choices.  Advise law students and alumni on preparing resumes, writing samples and obtaining faculty and professional letters of recommendation.  25%

2.      Meet with judges to familiarize them with Columbia Law School curriculum, faculty, and the clerkship program. 15%

3.      Counseling students regarding Law School curriculum and programs. 15%

4.      Plan and implement general Law School programs and events. 10%

5.      Research and monitor the hiring needs of federal judges and make the data an active part of the placement information for students.  Research and monitor appointments and hiring needs of federal and state judges and courts.  Provide information on openings and hiring timetables for judicial clerkship applicants, compiling media information on or by judges. 5%

6.      Arrange panels of judges and alumni to familiarize students with clerkship responsibilities. 5%

7.      Conduct basic program evaluation, which includes: evaluation of current student populations, peer school clerkship programs, web space, assessment instruments, handbooks/informative handouts, information delivery systems, information tracking systems, the clerkship database, and clerkship program administration policies and procedures. 5%

8.      Promote use of database to students, staff and faculty, assists the Systems Analyst with the development of the database, user-end instructions/handouts and technical support as needed, and updates information on an as needed basis.  Research, design, and implement sustainable collection, analysis, and clerkship data reporting techniques as well as program administration procedures.  Responsible for the design and direction of further action/evaluation research projects to be defined by the Faculty Judicial Clerkship Committee, including information on the career paths of clerks, biographies of judges, and feedback from clerks. 5%

9.      Collaborate with consortium of clerkship officers at peer Law Schools. 5%

10.  Oversee the administration of events which includes: scheduling, room booking, calendar booking, public relations for events, event attendance, and the submission of costs to accounts payable. 5%

11.  Implement changes approved during the evaluation phase regarding the clerkship web space and, on a weekly basis, updates the web contents. 4%

12.  Perform other relevant duties as assigned. 1%


Minimum Requirements:


BA and JD required plus 3 years of relevant work experience.  Clerkship experience is helpful.  Must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.  Computer literacy a must. 


Harlene Katzman

Dean of the Center for Public Interest Law

Columbia Law School

Phone: (212) 854-4152

Fax: (212) 854-3515