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lawyer shortage in Canada?


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lawyer shortage in Canada?
« on: October 27, 2003, 02:13:11 PM »
 okay guys, I posted the following about a month ago on the Canadian board, butso far  no responses.  Evidently, the board it is supposed to be on isn't read too often, so therefore I am posting my question here. My apologies, but I tried on the right board, first!
Just thought I would ask the question is the demand for lawyers  in Canada?  Is there considered to be an overage (like some areas here in the States) or is there a crucial need in some areas(both geographically and specialty-wise).  
 Also, second question for anyone who has gone to Canadian law school, were there any Americans in your class?  If so,
where were they planning to practice, and what were their reasons for attending law school in Canada vs. US?
Any response to these questions is  appreciated....
  reason I am asking is to see if law school in Canada compares favorably with being able to practice back in the States (in the northern part anyway, or being able to practice in Canada).  On a lesser note, the lesser cost is also enticing....