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ANOTHER where to go with Xtra info

ANOTHER where to go with Xtra info
« on: July 05, 2004, 02:23:16 PM »
I wonder if you can all help me with this. I know what the number calculators say, but I'm curious as to how all my extra curriculars will help me. (Because I have a feeling they'll help a lot)

Degree granting GPA: 3.6 Estimated LSDAS GPA: 3.65  LSAT: 162
Graduating with a degree in Business Administration
Various honor societies (Honors Program, Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Psi Omega, Dean's List, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, the National Dean's List, and Who's Who Among American College and University Students)

I also started Graduate MBA classes this summer and currently have a 3.7 GPA (one class, will have 4 completed by August)

WE while in school/over the summer:

Walt Disney World Resort - Merchandise Hostess (8/04-1/05)
The Limited - associate (5/01-8/04)
Best Buy - Customer Service Seasonal (7/00-12/00)
Bendinger Industries Group - Salesperson (7/98-8/00)


Drama Society (00-04) - President (03-04), Marketing Director (02-03), Public Relations Chairperson (01-02), Webmaster (01-04), MVP (03), Outstanding Production Work Award (03, 04), Photographer (04), Program Design (02-04), Archivist (02-04), Performer (roles in 6 shows), Stage Manager (1 show), Box Office Manager (3 shows), House Manager (1 show)

Student Government Association - Executive Board (02-03)

Alpha Psi Omega Theatre Honorary - President (04)

Student Newspaper - Reporter (00)

Up til Dawn - Executive Board: Website Chair (01-03), Public Relations Chair (03), Patient Relations Chair (02-03)

National Society of Collegiate Scholars - President (03)

Hand in Hand Buddy (01-03)

Campus Ministry Cantor (00-04)
Campus Ministry Choir (00-04)

Intramural Softball (01)

Baccalaureate Mass Steering Committee (04)

I've also performed with the Main Line Opera Company on two separate occasions. I've also received scholarships from my school for academics, from my school for drama, the City of Philadelphia, and H&R Block.

So what do you think my chances are at the top 25 given that extensive resume? Do you think that would help in any way to offset my low LSAT score?

I'm looking at William & Mary, Penn, Notre Dame, Berkeley, Temple, Duke, NYU, Georgia, UVA, Villanova, and Stanford

Plus a whole lot of lower tier 1 schools and tier 2 schools.


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Re: ANOTHER where to go with Xtra info
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2004, 03:11:20 PM »
I'd say NYU and Stanford are out of your league, though anything can happen.  Not sure about Duke/UVA.  You could always try the LSAT again in october and see what happens for you.  I'm sure you'd be fine at most lower tier 1/tier 2 schools due to your EC's...I really can't give you a more definitive answer beyond that, sorry.  Best of luck where ever you apply though.


Re: ANOTHER where to go with Xtra info
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2004, 05:58:55 AM »
disclaimer: I am definitely not writing from experience, as I will be applying this fall. But based on my current impressions of the decision process I would aim high and emphasize the drama/opera focus in your personal statements in the hope that you can really make that stand out. I think your list of schools has a good range; I would probably add something like 1 more mid-top T1, 1 more mid-bottom T1 and 1 more top T2.


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Re: ANOTHER where to go with Xtra info
« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2004, 09:00:39 AM »
You have a lot of SIGNIFIGANT reaches, which is fine, as long as you realize that that's what they are.  My reccomendation is that you look at this list:  William & Mary, Temple, Georgia, Villanova, and see if you'd be happy going to one of these schools.  If not, then you need to broaden your "base" at the possible expense of the schools you're reaching for.  Obviously, NYU and Stanford are beyond reaches, and thus should be the first to be cut (IF you need the money.  if you can afford it then DEFINITLY apply if they're your dreams, and honestly, $150 isn't much to spend for the chance at living your dreams. . .)  I'd like to see you make your list more realistic, by choosing schools where you're numbers are both around the medians.