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How much reaching with these scores?

How much reaching with these scores?
« on: July 03, 2004, 02:42:43 PM »
So I just got my June LSAT scores back, 165. Not as high as I would have liked, but I can't really complain about 93rd percentile. Anyway, now the problem arises as to how much reaching I should do. My stats are-

LSAT - 165
GPA - 3.82 overall, (4.0 Major Sociology, 3.6 Major Poli Sci)
Extracuricular - President of Mock Trial Team, significant undergrad law course work, multiple merit scholarships from undergrad, positions in various other organizations

Now, I've been doing my research, and based on LSAT and GPA alone I have 10-40% chances at Top 14 schools (my #1, UMICH, is 33%). As for the rest, around 60-80% chance at Top 25 schools (UofIL,UofIA,WASHU), and then my safety school (probably Chi-Kent).

The question is, how much reaching should I do? I know enough not to apply to Yale, Harvard, and the other supra-elites, since I'm a pretty basic white guy from the midwest, but should I take 2-4 stabs at places like UMICH, Georgetown, Duke, etc.?

Re: How much reaching with these scores?
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Hi I actually have the same question as the above poster.
I've been reading the topics on this board and everone here seems to be so i'd appreciate any advice.
I am a recent graduate at usc...i will take a year off to work.
my stats are as follows:
june lsat:172
undergrad gpa: 3.83 (finance)
i've been active in school orgs as well as held multiple internships throughout college...i also volunteer at a local mission center.
I am debating on the schools to apply and am also wondering beyond what ranking is considered tier 2, since i'd like to try to stay w/in the tier 1 schools. Thanks in advance for the help! =)

Re: How much reaching with these scores?
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