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i hate to be one of these "which schools" people, but feedback appreciated


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sooooo just got lsat results back and wanted some feedback on school choice:

Large California public school (UC Davis)
LSDAS GPA: 3.96 (top 2% of students in my class)
LSAT: 168 (slightly below the 170 I was hoping for, but solid nonetheless)
Phi Beta Kappa, Regents Scholar, Political Science Honors Program and Scholarship winner plus various other stuff
Three internships: U.S. Senator, Local District Attorney, American Bar Association while studying in Washington DC, plus I've performed in local community theater productions consistently throughout my four years
Very strong personal statement and strong recs (one might be exceptionally strong)

sooooo here's my list so far:

insane reaches: harvard, stanford, chicago, uc berkeley
reaches/decent possibility: duke, vanderbilt, notre dame
safeties: uc davis, uc hastings, boston university, santa clara university

any comments? should i even bother with harvard at this point?

I think your insane reaches are aptly named, but roll the dice and see how it goes.  The rest of the list looks right on.

I am inclined to agree about the insane reaches, but think you have the best chance at Boalt.  Even though you scored 2 points better than me on the LSAT, I took Harvard off my reach list pretty quickly personally.  If you are really interested in attending, though, you do have some strong soft factors and might as well give it a shot, only the application fee to lose.   

I think you should hit 2 or more of your decent possibilities, and should roll into all of the saftey schools you have listed. 

Thanks for replying to my thread--we are in a pretty similar situtation. 

Good luck with everything; hope you get into them all and have a hard time deciding between them.