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Considering the intangibles

Considering the intangibles
« on: October 22, 2005, 10:17:40 AM »
I'm a non-trad (6 years out of undergrad), and I didn't see any postings on this site with people in my situation, so thought I'd ask.

My LSAT wasn't amazing (162), and my undergrad GPA was subpar, (3.1), but I have some other stuff and I'm not to sure where it all fits in.

After graduating 6 years ago, I got a Masters (GPA 3.6), then got a Gates Scholarship and a PhD in biology from Cambridge University (UK). I became a Fellow(associate professor) at Cambridge University, and since moved back to the states and got another Fellowship as a diplomat in at the State department. I have a number of other Fellowships and publications (scientific and op-ed), so my CV is pretty good, as are my letters of rec and extra curriculars.

So, where does this extra stuff fall in? Do I have a chance for a top 15 school? If i retake the LSAT in december, how well do I need to do? Is there anyone else in this situation?

Thanks in advance.