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Future LSAT takers use Powerscore


Future LSAT takers use Powerscore
« on: July 02, 2004, 04:22:23 PM »
I was glancing through the post below about people's woes with Kaplan. I can understand why you feel so bitter. It is downright shady for them to go back on their advertised gaurantee to give people their money back if they score lower on the actual test than their first diagnostic. As a former Kaplan SAT instructor(during hishschool) I feel confdent in saying that their strategies are gimmicky and don't really work. If you are trying to maximize your score on the LSAT, looking around in logic games for the easiest games to do is going to waste time and prevent you from finishing. Strategies like this are bull. I can personally attest to the effectiveness of a good prep program(i.e. not Kaplan or Princeton Review). My score went up 17 points from my first diag and I ended up with 178. I think that a good prep program can acheive even higher gains for someone who is on the lower end of the socring spectrum to start with. I highly recommend that you guys who've had problems with Kaplan or Princeton Review check out the Powerscore website (yes this is a shameless plug as I will be teaching for them). All our instructors have scored in the 99th percentile and have prior teaching experience, unlike the Kaplan and Princeton Review instructors who score in the 90th percentile and just go through a sweatshop style training process. I firmly beleive that a 170 or higher score is necessarry(but not sufficient) to be able to properly teach the LSAT. You cannot teach what you don't understant. Unfortunately, most Kaplan and Princeton Review instructors attempt to teach the LSAT(which they do not fully understand) by relying on gimmicky strategies to compensate for their lack of comprehension of the material.

Re: Future LSAT takers use Powerscore
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I took kaplan and took PS.  My kaplan diagnostic was 142, my final was 148.
My PS was 143, my final was 164

Invest in yourself, go with PS.  Im not an employee or getting any compesantion, but I will use them for life and refer everyone I can to them

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