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PT for ME?


PT for ME?
« on: July 02, 2004, 12:46:23 PM »
Sorry, but I am cross posting this on two different forums, however it seems like there is an appropriate overlap.

I posted this originally on the "other" Law site, and got some typical HS like responses that one can expect.  Anyways, here is my question(s).

I took the LSAT twice.  Despite averaging mid 160's and taking Kaplan, I pretty much bombed it twice.  156, 157. 

Now here comes the good stuff.  Fall 2005, I will have three years of work experience as a paralegal.  Two years working in private litigation, one year with the DOJ.  Working on international white collar crime, anti-dumping and anti-trust.  Big land mark cases at both.  I also have a 3.47 GPA from a great undergrad, well known for its grade deflation. 

I want to continue to work in this field, but obviously as an attorney.  Retaking the LSAT, or an MA, are pretty much not options right now. 

Anyways, the schools I am looking at, in order of preference.

UCONN 154-159 GPA 3-3.49
American 154-159 GPA 3-3.49
U MD  153-161 GPA 3.2-3.6
GULC 158-166 GPA 3.17-3.71
Temple 155-160 GPA 3-3.5
SJU 151-156 GPA 3.08-3.55
Rutgers 154-160 GPA 3.1-3.61
Kent 154-158 GPA 2.9 -3.38
Loyola Chi 152-158 3.04-3.53

These are all PT programs.  Now here are my questions.

1)  I want to work PT, and go to a public, to save on costs.  Particularly if I am going to work for the gov.  Does being out of state at all of these schools sink me immediately?  How much does in state help your admissions?  I am based in CA now, went to college in IL, and grew up in MA....

2) Am I shooting to high?  I know I am ham strung by this stupid non-sensical number, but I'm really reluctant to go to any school that is not a decent tier 2.  Ie, low tier 2, like Santa Clara, SF, GGU really makes me second guess.

3) Any schools that I should add?  Vilanova?  In the line of work I want to pursue, being on a coast, and near a big city is obviously pretty important....

Thanks for the constructive help.