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Author Topic: Fill in Work Experience or Extracirriculars on App?  (Read 469 times)


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Fill in Work Experience or Extracirriculars on App?
« on: October 16, 2005, 03:50:39 PM »
I am doing my apps online through lsdas right now and have a quick question regarding what to fill in. In the spaces for honors and awards, extracirriculars, or work experience, they only give three lines usually at most. I am not able to fit everything in there, but i heard writing "see attached resume" is also frowned upon. I kind of am i a catch 22 here. I want to list all my stuff in those short lines and id hate to leave stuff out, there is just no room for it all. I tried abbreviations and everything but still to no avail. What do u guys think I should do?
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