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It depends on the specialty and how high you want to go.  I'm a registered patent agent and frequently get calls from IP recruiters.  One recruiter said GW actually places slightly better than Georgetown nationally, though not significantly.  Granted this is for patent attorneys and GW does have a strong IP program.  Obviously, GT is better overall and probably provides a higher upper ceiling in terms of opportunities, but that is not to say GW's lower ceiling is fatal or significantly lower.

I'm not sure where the DC isn't big enough for two law schools argument comes in.  This area is the highest concentration of law schools (GT, GW, GM, UoMD, American, Catholic, UBaltimore, other unnamed) and attorneys.  If that were true, the employment stats at some of those schools would reflect it and both GT and GW would be regional schools given the high number of grads from other Northeast schools (NYC, Boston) coming into the area.

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GT, GW, American, George Mason, W&M, W&L, and UVA are all heavy DC feeders

a ton of schools yes (and good ones at that), but apparently the DC market carries a high demand for these grads each and every year

from what i've heard, if you want to break into the DC market, it is much easier to do so from a GT or GW than say a cornell

but this is only hearsay

As a GW 1L I feel compelled to add to the discussion.
I wanted to go to GULC (like alot of the GW 1L class) but ultimately did not get in. Wanting to be in DC badly, I went to GW.
I was pretty down about going there at first, but I have been nothing but impressed over the last several months. Professors are great, facilities and location are great, opportunities, etc are all much better than expected. Talking to older students, everyone seems very happy w/ their career prospects.
That being said, I'll likely try to transfer to Gtown after this year, largely because it is a better school, although as someone pointed out, it definitely is right on the edge of the ghetto and its location is marginal.
Long story short GW is a great school - much better than I expected - but Gtown is just a bit better.

What does it take to be able to transfer to GULC from GW?  Top 15-20%?  How feasible is that (i.e. how competitive are the students?)?  I would imagine that they would be much more competitive than most schools since they are second-best in their home market, many are prob trying to transfer to GULC, and there aren't enough jobs in DC for both schools.

There are enough jobs in DC for far more than 2 law schools.  That's a fact jack.


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To the transfer comment: Georgetown admits more transfers than almost any other law school (I think followed by Columbia). So I don't know how well you have to perform, but its not impossible.


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Re: gulc vs gw
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Agreed in the sense that if you're already law review at GW, you won't have any trouble finding biglaw jobs of all stripes in D.C. 

Most lawyers, especially on the east coast, will certainly be aware of GW.  On the other hand, Gtown will probably have an easier time placing you elsewhere in the country, as noted by others.

Whether you consider these schools substantively different probably depends on what factors you find important.  The faculty at Gtown is probably somewhat stronger, and the student body appears to be slightly stronger.  On the other hand, GW may offer a more pleasant learning environment, from what I've heard.

A lot of people who end up going to GW don't even bother transferring to G'Town.  You have to be very concerned about using G'Town's elite status to break into biglaw to transfer, because most people are very happy with GW. 

It's doubtful G'Town is "better" substantively.  Even by USNWR standards, #14 vs. #20 won't have any meaningful difference.  It has a better name that is known in the same way Harvards is that opens some different doors. 

In general, those in the know, i.e., people hiring laywers, know what GW is.   

GULC has a very nice learning environment.  no one is cutthroat like you hear about in the movies.  nothing like that.

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Not to circumvent the debate, but both schools cost an obscene amount of money, given tuition, room, and board.

If money were an issue, a potential applicant would do best to look elsewhere in the T25.

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« Reply #35 on: October 20, 2005, 12:13:49 PM »
Responding to the transfer question:
I've been told by older GW student's who have tried that you have a shot at a GULC transfer if you are Top 15% and a very good shot if you are top 10%. Thats what they tell me anyway. That being said, someone at GW w/ those numbers will likely have little trouble landing a great job in DC/NY, so transferring to GULC can make sense, and it also cannot, depending on your aspirations.

The school really is not that competitive at all; I thought it would be ruthless for the same reasons, but its not that bad, at least not worse than your typical law school. I hear GULC is fine in that regard as well.

Yes, GW (and GULC) and DC generally, hurt your wallet. Frugal living is a must on a student budget.


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Wait -- which has a food court, GULC or GW??


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I know that GULC is a free-standing campus, food is important.


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Architecture, and an accompanying sense of history, are both imporant in a food court.

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On the issue of GULC being in/near the ghetto, I really don't think the area is that bad.  I live about 4 blocks east of the GULC campus (about 2 blocks east of Union Station) and walk that way all the time.  I've walked home by myself at 1 in the morning and never had a problem at all.  And I've come home with my friends from parties, and even if we're dressed to impress and drunk, we've never been bothered or harassed (except for the creepy Amtrak police officer on his Segway).  I love the area; it's right by the Capitol, so you always see important and exciting people, and it's really convenient.  It's just a few metro stops to downtown on the red line.  There's nice little restaurants and it's a 20 minute walk to Eastern Market.  It's really in a great location and I would recommend that people visit the area first before making decisions about how comfortable they are.  (I realize that people who aren't used to living in big cities might feel like it's kind of a sketchy area, but after you've been here for a while, you realize that it's not.)   :)