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Law student's unique pitch for job interview

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Matthew Toll is about to graduate from law school and he'd like to snag a
$70,000 job. So he prepared a rather unique pitch for an interview and just
sent it to about 30 firms. This kid is going places:

very unique...  :)

Would you hire him?

I wouldn't.

In particular, he must have taken all of ONE intro-level Operations and Information Management course considering all he can draw out of the experience is learning computer skills and building an *extremely* basic website.  If he had taken some of the more advanced classes in that particular concentration, then perhaps I'd be impressed, but the level of emphasis he seemed to place on having taken that course leads me to question the quality of the other courses he took while in undergrad.

Then again, this coming from a techie and not a law firm. :)

Its cute and everything but its too long. Uniqueness still needs to be filtered through conciseness.

Stuff about mother's funeral and the wedding; thats a real amateurish way to put the point across. I'd be weary of someone who would tries to come off soooo hungry that he would want to put work before mandatory human duties.


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