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Were you one of these LSAT test takers?

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i was the normal testtaker.  i had a bottle of water, two pencils and a granola bar in my fleece.
The only expensive silent timer I saw was also on a desk at the front of the room... go figure.  ::)

There was a guy at my testing center who brought a huge bag of gummy bears and when he was asked why he did so he said that he read an LSAT LR stimulus that said sugar was good for the brain so he was testing it out  :-\

He also held up the whole room because he was proofreading and editing the honesty statement thing on the test form.  He took like half an hour on that thing.  Overall, on of the biggest tools I have ever seen.

in addition to those listed above, in my room we had:

best friend guys - actually, i think one might have been a woman, but they looked like carbon copies of each other and kept whispering and giggling during the instructions, they set their timers together and put them on the same desk flap in the seat between the two of them

nervous smoker guy - insanely jittery from the moment he left his bag of food and smokes at the front to the moment he picked them up and lit up like four at once to smoke over the 10 minute break

strange old guy/gal - this lady in our group had to be well over 40 and she looked both confused and terrified...

lazy and/or drunk proctor - when proctor A was going through the rules, proctor B would like burst out laughing at half of them, when proctor A told proctor B to collect the cell phones proctor B was like "what, seriously? that's stupid" and then randomly exclaimed how crazy the whole collection thing was while he was actually doing it

The Dread Pirate Roberts:
I was kind of survival kit guy in June, but only because I had a cough, and I desperately didn't want to be "irritating coughing chick," so I brought a bunch of water, cough drops, tissues, etc.

And, ok, I brought a timer and six or seven pencils 'cause I'm anal retentive, and several layers because I hate being hot or cold when taking tests.


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