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Were you one of these LSAT test takers?

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I was "if I look like I'm overprepared, maybe that will up my score" girl. I had two bottles of apple juice and two granola bars (I ended up sharing at break with someone who'd forgotten to bring anything), and eight pencils, two pencil sharpeners, two erasers, and a new watch (analog). Everything but the food was pink. Half of it was just wanting to see what the nervous wrecks would do when I set out my office-store-supply of pink in an orderly array on my desk, and half of me was reassured by the OCD nature of having matching supplies. I talked to "what test is this again?" guy beforehand (I got into town 4 hours early, ate at an adorable hole-in-the-wall diner, and still sat outside the room for two hours before any proctors showed up) and he had no idea what was even tested on the LSAT. It made me feel better about myself.


--- Quote from: hilljack on October 04, 2005, 06:40:31 PM ---Some LSAT test takers are funnier than others.

There is survival kit guy.  You are not sure if he is planning on taking the LSAT or spending three days in the woods.  This guy brings three bottles of water, a variety of snacks and his entire medicine cabenet into the room. 

Meditation guy was funny too.  I don't know if whatever this guy was doing was relaxing, but biting my lip to not laugh at him was.  He didn't throw a rug on the ground, but did everything short of it.

Oh, and we had a four cups of coffee girl.  You will notice this girl is finishing her last cup in the testing room.  She is the one who sprinted out of the room at the break to go pee.  Classic.

Does anybody have any other stories of funny LSAT test takers?

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LOL, you guys are making me nervous!~


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