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Were you one of these LSAT test takers?

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Some LSAT test takers are funnier than others.

There is survival kit guy.  You are not sure if he is planning on taking the LSAT or spending three days in the woods.  This guy brings three bottles of water, a variety of snacks and his entire medicine cabenet into the room. 

Meditation guy was funny too.  I don't know if whatever this guy was doing was relaxing, but biting my lip to not laugh at him was.  He didn't throw a rug on the ground, but did everything short of it.

Oh, and we had a four cups of coffee girl.  You will notice this girl is finishing her last cup in the testing room.  She is the one who sprinted out of the room at the break to go pee.  Classic.

Does anybody have any other stories of funny LSAT test takers?

I was amused by "The Brooks Brothers Kid".  This baby-face was all done up in his Brooks Brothers button-up, fancy pants and loafers.  Now maybe he was more comfortable in these professional looking clothes, but since everybody else in the room was more comfortable in sweats and shorts, I kinda doubt it. 

BTW, I was survival kit guy.
I was also survival kit guy; but I only brought 1 bottle of water and forgot my snacks at home  :-\.

There was a girl in my room who got there first and had the following in front of her:

- 10+ pencils
- 10+ Kleenex tissues
- bottle of water
- bottle of some caffeinated drink
- 2-3 erasers
- 2-3 highlighter pens
- the "deluxe" timer from the PowerScore website (I think it's like $30 or something!)

She looked ridiculous.  She also looked TERRIFIED


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