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Just thought I would ask the question on this board to start....how is the demand for lawyers there in Canada?  Is there considered to be an overage (like some areas here in the States) or is there a crucial need in some areas(both geographically and speciality-wise).  
 Also, second question for anyone who has gone to Canadian law school, were there any Americans in your class?  If so,
where were they planning to practice, and what were their reasons for attending law school in Canada vs. US?
Any response to these questions is  appreciated....
  reason I am asking is to see if law school in Canada compares favorably with being able to practice back in the States (in the northern part anyway, or being able to practice in Canada).  On a lesser note, the lesser cost is also enticing.... ;)

There are no lawyers in Canada. 

Demand for lawyers in Canada isn't huge.  If you graduate from a top school with a good class standing, I'm sure you wouldn't have a problem finding a job.  But otherwise, I've heard it is difficult to get a position. 

I don't go to law school, so I wouldn't know about any americans in the classes.  As for returning to the states, you would want to go to one of the top schools in the country if this was your goal.  A school like UofT would probably place well in the states but I would imagine that the lesser known schools would not.

I believe Windsor is the only Canadian law school which teaches American law.

Actually, if you go through the windsor law program, you actually study in Canada and across the border in Detroit.  I think at Detroit Mercy but I'm not sure.  And yeah, you get taught American law as well ...


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