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« on: September 30, 2005, 11:57:53 AM »
i took TM and got 169 on my last diag (161, 166 before that). i was scoring pretty consistently in the 167-171 range in between those official diags. wednesday, i took june 03 and got 174. then on thurs, i took oct 04 yesterday and got 166 =( both diags had completely new RCs to me, and games i hadn't done in forever (TM gives you "all" the Qs in their hmwk, so it's hard to find a fresh diag).

what is going on?  ??? i should have just stopped at june 03 when i was exhilarated with my score...there were some distracting factors on thurs, such as a spider on my leg for the first RC which scared the heck out of me, stapled the pages wrong so that i had to flip the page for RC, and took the test on the smallest flip top possible in anticipation for tomorrow...did anyone else find oct 04 to be a bit tricky (esp on the neuron passage and the 2nd LR section)? Or, did anyone else find june 03 to be really easy?? I was looking at powerscore's website and it seems to be the opposite, as june 03 had a much harder curve than oct 04. It was probably just not a good test day for me...going to try not to let it get to me, and relax for the rest of the day. i am just a bit bummed/worried now, so any encouraging thoughts would be SO appreciated. =)

good luck everyone!! we're going to rock it tomorrow  :)

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Don't let this discourage you at all. It's not like you went down to a 155. You're in the high range of scorers (top 5-10 percent). When you're at that end of the bell curve, a few answers makes a huge difference on your score. The curve also makes a huge difference for high scorers. You can't worry about the score on one prep test, because there are so many factors, and it won't help you tomorrow. You should just be glad that you're consistently getting so many answers correct and know that you're among the small minority of test takers who can get above 170. Kick butt tomorrow!