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Re: I want a t-shirt!
« Reply #10 on: October 01, 2005, 10:06:25 PM »
Yes - a new shirt would be nice.  The only thing stopping is really is lack of a good idea.  If you guys can think up a shirt you will actually buy and wear I'll make it.

The ladies were organized enough to get their shirt made up - in limited run - there's actually still one left:


Re: I want a t-shirt!
« Reply #11 on: October 02, 2005, 09:08:54 AM »
Yes - a new shirt would be nice.  The only thing stopping is really is lack of a good idea.  If you guys can think up a shirt you will actually buy and wear I'll make it.

The ladies were organized enough to get their shirt made up - in limited run - there's actually still one left:

There ya go, Nate; just for you!  ;) :-*


Re: I want a t-shirt!
« Reply #12 on: October 10, 2005, 05:56:36 PM »
I like that one too, I won't go to that school, but it would be funny to come across someone who did. I'd get a punch to the face for sure.

Oh, I'm just ragging them about it - I'm sure its an excellent school.  But Lane takes it so seriously if you say anything about it.

And I enjoy torturing him.

He gets mad because you're basically calling him an idiot.  I'd be pissed too

you get pissed for any reason as evidenced by that useless blog.  Didn't know guys in law school were such pansies.  How is the estrogen replacement therapy coming along?

Here's your blog for the world to see...  Aren't you profound?

Where Do They Get These People

Forgive me for being blunt, but some of the people you meet in Law School will be like turds in a punch bowl. Usually, they come from the younger Law Students. These are kids who just don't get the fact that college has ended and this is actually important.

This does not include all kids going directly from undergrad. The maturity level and discipline of these guys is about that of Michael Jackson in a day care center. These turds are about as ready for law school as I am ready to be castrated. These are the guys who show up everyday and want to read your brief because they "forgot their brief at home."

Yeah, right junior. The only thing you left at home was your brain. Good luck if you get called on because the only thing you are going to get from me is a good kick in the ass.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
The miseducation of the law student

Why is it that they make you study so damn hard for the logic portion of the LSAT?

There is nothing logical about the way Professors teach law school.

Ok, so I am going to learn all of these cases and study them hard and then next week I am going to find out that the court's ruling in the previous case was total bull and now totally worthless.

Why don't they just teach you the freakin' rule without all of the legal baggage???

Chew on that one for a while..

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"Oh, I am not competitive at all...."


This is the biggest lie in the history of law school. EVERYONE, and I repeat EVERYONE, is competitive in law school. If you weren't competitive by nature, you wouldn't be in law school.

True, there are different levels of competitiveness along with different types of competitive people. Let's observe a few, shall we:

The Activist- this person is competitive because they believe in a cause and they will stop at nothing to further the interest of their cause. In essence, they are trying to gain a competitive advantage against their adversaries by getting a legal education. Are you telling me that is not competitive?

The Gold Digger- this person competes for the purpose of money. They feel the need to sink every last dime they have into material things just to prove they have money. Whoopdy freakin do. This is a person who will do anything to gain an advantage so that they may make more money in the future. Bottom line: Guilty of being competitive.

The "A" Student- this person has never gotten a "B" before in their life. The whole notion of grades in most law schools is based on a class average and a curve; therefore, you are competing with your classmates for a rank in each class. This student spends inordinate amounts of time in the library and then goes home and burns the midnight oil so that they can answer 1 more multiple choice question right then the guy next to them: Competitive

The Prick- this is a student that wants nothing more than to rub your face in the fact that they can do things better than you. Their whole purpose in life is to gain a competitive advantage in school so that they can feel better about the fact that they have a 2 inch male private part. This guy is definitely guilty.

Thats all for now....more to come later...if you don't fit one of these profiles just wait, I will nail you eventually.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Don't Be That Guy

I'm sitting in class today and Judy Homemaker raises her hand and says, "Well, I know the answer to the question is Guilty but I think it's Not Guilty." The teacher then asks Judy, "How do you know the correct answer is Guilty?" Judy then responds, "Because the 2L who gave me her notes has it written right here." - Don't be that guy

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Speaking of Libraries

Let's talk about the eden that exists by going to a law school that is located on one of the larger party schools in the Southeast. Yes folks, we are talking about the undergrad library. It is like going to some strange anthropological exhibit where they have collected all of the hottest 18-21 year old girls and placed them in one spot. Seriously, for an old pervert like me, there is no better place to sit and view the finer of the species that doesn't require slipping dollar bills into a girl's g-string that is just trying to scrape her way through beauty school.

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Law School is the Same as High School

With SBA elections and the 1L girls all doting on the 3L guys, law school reminds you of student council and the dumb jocks that got all of the chicks.

Did anyone else think we were through with this *&^% after high school?

The fact that the guy who can barely spell legal gets elected to the SBA as a representative is clear EVIDENCE that law school is just an extension of high school.

VOTE FOR ME, I REALLY WANT THIS JOB (wait, what am I running for again?)

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The Notion of a Library

Have you ever noticed that a law library is never quiet?
Try getting 100 future lawyers in any room and have them actually follow the rules...that would be the day.
Can someone tell these pricks to shut the hell up!