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Will the Powerscore Full-Length LSAT Course Books be worth the money?


I want to do really well on the LSAT, but there are not any prep courses offered in my area, at least not in driving distant. Another problem is that I am very limited in funds; I live on my own and have a zillion bills to pay.

So, again, will the Powerscore Full-Length LSAT Course Books be worth the money? Will it contain notes and strategies to master the LSAT and are those questions really real LSAT questions?

Thank you so much for your kind help.

I'm sorry, but the books--though they do contain their course strategies and real LSAT questions--are NOT worth $600. I know the feeling of not being able to really afford some of these pre-law expenses (unlike many people who are STILL going to insist you should take the course) and also the feeling of not really having prep courses in your area.

So I'd say that, instead of paying $600 you don't really have and/or can't really afford to dish out on some books, you need to go to ebay or post around different message boards and see if anyone has Powerscore course books they will sell you. I think the highest I've ever seen someone want to sell their books is $250...still expensive, but still cheaper than $600.

OR get the Weekend Course book. Someone sold theirs to me ($45) not long before I took the LSAT, and it is a pretty good book with many strategies in it. By the time I got the book, though, it didn't have anything in it I didn't already know as far as LR, which was my biggest problem section, and LG because I studied the Logic Games Bible (and if you study the Logic Games Bible, you don't need ANYTHING from Testmasters or Powerscore or anywhere else as far as the Games section goes). And nothing helps with RC--I mean, the book had some helpful underlining and circling strategies, which I employed and gained another 2 points RC practice (bringing my total missed to 2 in RC). I can't see the full-length books saying anything that much more than the Weekend Course book, only maybe a little more in depth, but it probably has more real LSAT questions in them...which you could get for less than $600.

I advise that if you pretty much suck at LR and don't really know the strategies/categories of fallacies and questions, learning what the Weekend Course book has to say will be helpful to you...then it's just practicing on real tests (which was the point I was at when I got the book--I was beyond strategies because I pretty much knew them all and honestly didn't need to spend money duplicating with the real questions in the Weekend Course book since I had all the real tests anyway).

If it's LG that's your problem, get the Logic Games Bible from Powerscore--again, a duplication if you get anything else from Powerscore because the Powerscore Weekend Course book, as well as their full-length books, will have the same Games strategies and the same LSAC questions.

RC--good luck there. All I could think to do was underline whatever I could predict a question being related to and make sure I acted interested and paid attention to the passage and just keep practicing that on subsequent passages. Not one book or course helped me there (I took Kaplan but had books from all of the four major courses). 

If it were me--and, at one point, it was and this is what I did--I would take $600 (or less) and spend it on getting real tests from LSAC, going to ebay and getting the CD of explanations for all the tests, trying to find the prep books from Powerscore for cheap on ebay or anywhere I could get it (including the LG Bible) and maybe buy some other really good commercial books. If you look on ebay and don't see them, keep looking because someone will eventually put up an auction. I don't know what you're practicing at now, but I raised my score over 20 pts on practice tests without spending thousands of dollars (because I didn't have to pay for Kaplan, and if I had to, I wouldn't have taken it). I considered spending $600 on the Powerscore or Testmasters books, too, but ended up not doing it and I am expecting a good score on the June test. Nothing's really going to help you "master" the LSAT, but as long as you do a lot of practice tests and scrutinize what you get wrong (and some people also suggest you go over what you got right, too, but I hardly did that), you can do well on the LSAT.

Powerscore does NOT use any simulated questions.  Every question used in the lessons and homework drills are real LSAT questions. 

The Powerscore books break everything down into its simplest components and drill each one exhaustively.  By the time you finish, putting everything together is as easy as 1, 2, 3,

If you buy the LSAC prep tests individually they are 8 bucks each.  There are something like 42 prep tests.  If you buy the 10 actual prep test, ten more and the next ten test, you'll get 3 books for 30 dollars a piece or 90 bucks but you won't get any explanations at all.

I understand what it's like to be on a limited budget but given what law school tuition costs and how a good LSAT score could mean $$$$ in scholarship money, I spent the money and invested in myself.  Like I said, everyone's situation is different, but I strongly advise to consider it carefully and not to be penny wise and pound foolish when it comes to investing in LSAT prep.

Trying to buy PS books on ebay is iffy.  Sure some people may try to list them but they are in violation of the enrollment agreement they signed.  It specifically prohibits selling, lending, auctioning etc any of the course materials.  PS does monitor EBAY listings and pull the listings off.  Even if somebody is selling a set for 250, what's the sense of paying 250 for a set of scribbled up books you can't use to practice in.

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Thanks for your help Rachelb1 and musicalone8123, but I am even more confuse now because you guys both have given me different answers.   ???

What prep books do you think I can buy to do well on the LSAT? What books did you guys buy to study for the test?

Thanks for helping me.  :)


Is it better to buy the LSAC practice tests individually then or the packs of 10?

Also, is it better to take the entire PowerScore course with instructor or just as good by purchasing their $600 worth of materials (and studying by myself)?