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complete at NYU... got the two NYC schools on back to back days.

I think I am complete, or at least I submitted and paid for my reports tonight.. All sent out and everything has been done.

Fordham (ED)
George Washington (ED)
UC Hastings
UC Davis
Washington & Lee
Univ of Illinois
Univ of Indiana
Santa Clara
Loyola LA
Univ of San Diego

2.7 (from a 2.0 to a 3.5 trend) and a 164 with good softs. A splitter so I figured I'd shotgun it. Wish me luck.

Does complete mean they've received the full application from LSAC? So far I only have in one recommendation, next one should be in by monday and then another next week. Hopefully transcript will be in next week as well. Do I have to wait until I have all the elements to submit an app?

Decided somewhat late to apply for Fall 2010 admission. 175 LSAT and 3.98 GPA at a public there any hope for Harvard? Does applying early really matter that much?

Applying early can always help your chances if your application is well-constructed, thought-out, and complete.


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