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--- Quote from: zippyandzap on December 10, 2008, 09:51:07 AM ---Complete at Buffalo, which makes me complete at UB, Virginia, and GULC, as well as Under Review at Harvard.

UCLA is now the only school I haven't heard back from at all.  All the others have at least let me know my application was received.

--- End quote ---

When did you send your app? I got a complete email from them 10 days after I sent mine?

Also, how long does it take to process mail? I have been waiting on cornell, duke, columbia, and NYU to recieve my dean's certificate (to explain disciplinary action) for over two weeks now. I've tried contacting them, but everyone just tells me they have stacks of mail to go through. I know they were sent out since USC got theirs... ack!

Should I pester them some more, or have my undergrad sent new certificates... what to do?

NM. complete at columbia via email.  ::)

"Ready for review" at BU.

non parata est:
Complete at Vandy today via e-mail.  The Status Checker hasn't updated yet though.


--- Quote from: sheltron5000 on December 10, 2008, 05:50:31 PM ---NM. complete at columbia via email.  ::)

--- End quote ---


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