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Advice about sending transcripts to LSDAS!!!


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Advice about sending transcripts to LSDAS!!!
« on: June 27, 2004, 06:12:14 PM »
Hi all,

I've been reading on a few boards that it takes LSDAS 1-2 weeks to process transcripts.  I just graduated in June from my undergrad university but had taken some classes at two JCs during HS and summers.  I ordered those transcripts back in May, and they were processed almost immediately.  So for those of you who are in a similar situation of having at least some transcripts that are totally ready to be processed, it would be a good idea to order those sooner rather than later.  I'm sure most schools have info on their website about how transcripts can be ordered in the mail if you're too lazy to go to the actual school to order them.  (That's what I did.)

Good luck, everyone!