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who is over 35, has more than 2 kids and wants to go to law school. I have ?s

I am 40, single mom of 6 kids...ages 4, 5, 10, 14, 18 & 21.

The two oldest don't live with me anymore. My oldest daughter (21) was living with me for a while and the plan had been for her to live with me when I attend law school, but it did not work out and she moved out. It is more peaceful this way.

I am a principal of an elementary school in San Diego and I am planning to start law school in the Fall 2006. I am hoping and praying for a scholarship. I a 3.6 undergraduate GPA and have one masters in business, 3.4 GPA, and a double masters in education (2.7 GPA). I am taking the LSAT in February, though I was intitially going to take it in December but got really ill that week. On my practice tests, I have been getting between 160-167,  BUT that is on the older test, in these days, that would probably be 158-163. I have been studying about 4 hours minimum per day for the LSAT and just broke down and paid for a full-length Powerscore class in the hopes that I can cement my score more. I need a 160+.

I am applying in San Diego, Orange Country and in Los Angeles. I will go where I get scholarship money. I am not so concerned about T1 or T3, the rankings. I am planning to go into education law and with my prior work history, it does not matter as much what the rank of the law school is.

I wish that I had a husband...because doing this alone is a bit scary. ::) I was admitted to law school in 1993 and even had a 75% college tuition scholarship, but got too scared and did not go.

By March, I will be able to decide if I am going to go full-time or part-time (two of the law schools in San Diego have evening programs). I worked full time all the way through college, undergraduate and graduate.

Okay...I lied....I am 41....

Vera  ;)

I went to the Thomas Jefferson PT evening program and loved it. I was working full time though no kids at the time. They were great and very accomodating to non trad students (I also started in Jan instead of the fall). With your grades and adecent LSAT score you would get very good scholarship money. Hell, my 152 LSAT got me a partial LSAT Scholarship!! I don't know what the cutoffs are these days but then they started at 150 and went up from there. Like, I got a few thousand dollars whereas someone with a 170 or whatever got a full ride.

Anyway, I left school after 2 years to move overseas with my husband and now I have a 2 year old. I am "only" 31 and "only" have 1 kid but I am going back this time, full time. I had to start over but I can deal with that. I will be sorking part time as it would be very tough for us to drop to just my husband's income. We could do it, but it would be hard with a mortgage, 2 car payments, day care, food, bills, etc. I will be going to school full time this time and my husband is incredibly supportive. Willing to do just about anything to get me through this :) I am hoping the fact that I have had most of this material before (at least the first 1.5 years of it) will help me get through the first year considering I will be working as well. I already understand (well, at least at one time understood) the material and I won't spend those first few weeks flailing around like I did before. As far as after my first year, I don't know what will happen work wise. We'll just have to see. But the first year is the toughest, so we'll see what happens. I also am not getting any scholarship money so I am funding this 100% with loans. Some federal and some private. It will suck on the other end when I have to pay it back (especially with my previous years worth of law school debt) but that is the price to pay for finally getting my JD!.
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I am 38, married w/3 daughters ages 12, 9, and 6. I have a decent job as a govít contractor, making (50-60k yr), and have always wanted to go to law school. Life simply had other plans for me until now. 

Iím finally finishing UG in Bus. (two classes remaining) 4.0 Degree GPA (LSDAS gpa damaged by withdrawals many years ago -'86/87)

I have worked full-time and lived in SoCal since '90, Live about 1 1/4 hr from L.A.  Applying PT to Loyola, Southwestern, and UNLV (can probably transfer job to Vegas) Applied FT to Tenn (will sell home in Cal and live off profit).Wife + kids only willing to move to NV and possibly TN.
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HI!  I have 10, 7, and 4 yr olds.  I just took the Feb LSAT and have many of the same concerns as you do.  We will have similar situations, because I stay at home now, and I won't need to work during law school, we will continue to survive on my husbands income.  (I am darn lucky, I shouldn't say survive, he is a civil engineer, but a one income family is somewhat tight nonetheless).  I totally admire and support those of you who do it all, kids, work, school.  I know it will not be easy, I am trying to figure out laundry strategies right now!  ;D

I will give you one caution if I might.  I am 32, I can see why you don't want to wait any more, but you might not really understand how busy life can be when your kids get in school.  Heaven forbid one of them have a problem in school, because that will take SOOO much time and mental effort on your part.  I just caution that you might wait and get at least your first into school before completely applying and committing to go right at the first moment.  My oldest is profoundly gifted (and yes, that has been very difficult with schools).  My second one (now in 2nd grade) has taken an unbelievable amount of effort this year.  She is gifted/learning disabled.  She has dysgraphia, and anything to do with writing is difficult for her, and yet she is gifted and struggles with boredom/challenge issues as well.  My point is that these little kids are only small once.  Make sure that they are well-situated in their first school experience so that you can concentrate on yours when the time is right.  You want them to love education as much as you do, and not resent what you are doing, but rather appreciate and admire you for it. Good luck with your decisions!

I have just begun to research the possibility of attending law school after I finish up my B.A. I was thinking that it may be crazy or unusual for a 37 year old w/2 kids and a full time career to even consider Law School. It's a good thing I found this discussion board. I'm glad to see that plenty of people in the same age range as I starting their legal educations. Now that I know that it can be done and alot of people are actually doing it I will consider the option more seriously. 

I just wanted to say that you single parents who posted are my heros!  I really don't know how you do it so well and admire your tenacity - go get 'em!

I am 27 (so not quite in the >35 group, but getting there!) and have an eight month old.  My hubby is unbelivably supportive of my decision to go to school, and we are ready to make the sacrifices - and we know there will be many.

For the last three years, I have worked and supported us while he started a business - now we are flip-flopping!  He will actually be bringing home a little bit more then I did, so losing my salary won't hurt us.  Our big issue right now is that we want four children and had originally planned on having them close together...actually had a pregnancy scare yesterday (TMI, I know!).  My question is:

Has anyone had a baby while in law school?

We had thought about trying during my second year, and know how tough it will be BUT I really don't think that there is ever a perfect time to be pregnant.



BK- Feel free to PM me in or about December, 2006- I'll give you my first hand experience as a mom who works full-time, after having attended a semester  :-*