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who is over 35, has more than 2 kids and wants to go to law school. I have ?s


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This is honestly my biggest concern, the whole family thing. I'm 32, and thinking about applying for 07. Since I know I'm going to be a major splitter when I take the LSAT in December, I want time to take another class or two, both to get some recs and to try to make up for my disasterous grad school stint right after college. Hopefully the 10 years WE will help a lot.

If I weren't involved in a serious relationship I wouldn't worry about it. But -- we're talking about getting married in the next couple of years, and I'd be 34 when I started as a 1L. Wait to have kids until I graduate? That'd make me 37+, and would be a hit to a new career. Have them during? It'd require a drop to PT probably. Fortunately, the SO is a teacher, so has regular hours and summers off.   Of course, that also means no extra money for child care. Argh.

i also agree with you when you say i think it is different for women vs men. I work full time now and go to school part time and when i get home at 9:30 i still have to make the kids lunch, check bookbags, think of dinner for tomorrow and kiss my precious ones good night. i think that is why i have decided to quit work and go to school full time. i don;t have the time now with three kids, chores, work, homework. the few women i do know in law school now, they go to school full time and they don;t work.

I'm 40, a single mom of three, still in UG, working full time and applying for Fall 06.

My two sons are basically grown up already, but I still have a 10 year old girl. I realized it was going to be waaaay too much for me in LS, so I decided I will quit working at least for the first year. Also since I'm single and I will have to move away for LS, I won't have anybody to take care of my daughter after hours. That limits my choices pretty much to state schools or the ones that offer me $$$ though, because I will be living off loans for a while and I'm not willing to end up paying student loans for ever and ever.

And yes, I guess it's different for men vs. women (so many things are), or for single parents vs. married, with a supportive SO vs. unsupporting (Is that last one even possible?), etc.

And nobody is ever going to say it's easy... But yes, it can be done.  :)

Yeah, my social life suffered... basically it died.  :P


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I admire you all- and you can do it.  :)

I can understand everyone's point of view here.  I am a single parent of an 11-year daughter.  I am also in the Navy.  I am taking the LSAT in December and hoping to get into Widener in Delaware.  If that is the case, we will move from Philly to Wilmington so I can be near the school.  I will go to the evening program, if accepted.  I didn't want to drive from DE to PA at 10:30 at night, when I could be a few minutes away from home.  At least I could get home to spend a couple of hours with her prior to leaving for school and a few minutes before bed.  I feel bad sometimes because my daughter hardly sees me; however, she knows what I am trying to do and she is there for me.  BTW, the Navy takes all my time.  I don't know how I am going to do it.  I want to put my officer's package for JAG.  The money will be sweet as an officer and I can get rid of my enlisted uniforms!!!!   ;)

God Bless our Families.

I hear you all. I am 37 and considering the Dec/Feb LSAT for mabye a fall 06 or Winter 07 admit. Wife is in the higher education field so thats some help(wish her school gave me a discount) My thing is the time. In my curent job I was considering transfering to another bureau so I could work midnights and go p/t day or eve, still leaving me some time for the family every now and then. Is there anyone from the Chicago area going through this?

Who is over 35, you have more than 2 kids and wants to go to law school or is already in law school. I am just trying to think if this is actually feasible and do other people really do it. If you are in law school, how are you doing it?


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I'm a 1L with three kids.  We moved out of state so I could go to law school. So far? Completely manageable.  It's not that I don't work hard, I do, but it's been fine.  Advantage is that I'm in a f/t day program and my husband makes enough to support us.  That said, we have really downsized and we live on an extremely tight budget.  I hate that part after being used to two incomes.  It depends on how badly you want it I suppose.

I am a SAHM with 3 kids under 5. I worked as a school counselor prior to having my kids. I actively volunteer in a couple of organizations. I enjoy reading about your stories and your lives. I really wanted to apply for admissions for fall '06, but my LSAT was pretty low and I will need to retake it. I am in a situation that some may have faced. My husband has a job he loves and has worked very hard to get, so moving for me is not an option, therefore I am pretty much restriced to the local school in the town where we live. I am not looking into working for some huge law firm, I really want to hang my own shingle. The income is not needed for us, it is really about fulfilling my dream to assist people with difficult life situations and helping guide them through the legal process. I am not interested in being in the top of my class as far as grades are concerned, I am more interested in being competent and capable when I am finished with school. I would love to 'hear' your thoughts on juggling school f/t, family, and being an active member of my childrens' lives, and still volunteer with my community. Specifically, I would love to get a picture of your scheudles, a sample of your day/week would be great. Thanks so much.

I am 37 single mom of 2 boys who just finished my first semester.

My schedule was as follows-

MW - class from 10 - 11, 11:30 - 1

Tues   class from 9 - 10:30, 3:30 - 4:45, 6:30 - 8

Thurs  class from 9 - 10:30, 3:30 - 4:45,

Fri  Class from 10 - 11, 1 - 2:20

There was a TA session and dean's fellows thrown in there as well.

I used the ridiculously long breaks on Tues and Thurs to get my reading done, and didn't talk to anyone during the day - I lived in the library.  HOwever, when I went home, I was HOME for the most part.

I ended up with a 2.7, 2 kids that are doing great in school ( one with special needs), and a very happy family.

I am planning on working for a small firm when I get out and eventually go into a partnership with my mentors in Elder Law

The worst part was the first 6 - 8 weeks - you have no idea what has just hit you and why you even think you can do this.  FInals were rough - I studied my ass off for 2 weeks.

The best part - it will never be this hard again - and after the first year, it gets even easier.

I will be 40 when I graduate and damn proud of it. 

Go for it - you won't regret it - I promise

I am 40, single mom of 6 kids...ages 4, 5, 10, 14, 18 & 21.

The two oldest don't live with me anymore. My oldest daughter (21) was living with me for a while and the plan had been for her to live with me when I attend law school, but it did not work out and she moved out. It is more peaceful this way.

I am a principal of an elementary school in San Diego and I am planning to start law school in the Fall 2006. I am hoping and praying for a scholarship. I a 3.6 undergraduate GPA and have one masters in business, 3.4 GPA, and a double masters in education (2.7 GPA). I am taking the LSAT in February, though I was intitially going to take it in December but got really ill that week. On my practice tests, I have been getting between 160-167,  BUT that is on the older test, in these days, that would probably be 158-163. I have been studying about 4 hours minimum per day for the LSAT and just broke down and paid for a full-length Powerscore class in the hopes that I can cement my score more. I need a 160+.

I am applying in San Diego, Orange Country and in Los Angeles. I will go where I get scholarship money. I am not so concerned about T1 or T3, the rankings. I am planning to go into education law and with my prior work history, it does not matter as much what the rank of the law school is.

I wish that I had a husband...because doing this alone is a bit scary. ::) I was admitted to law school in 1993 and even had a 75% college tuition scholarship, but got too scared and did not go.

By March, I will be able to decide if I am going to go full-time or part-time (two of the law schools in San Diego have evening programs). I worked full time all the way through college, undergraduate and graduate.

Okay...I lied....I am 41....

Vera  ;)

I went to the Thomas Jefferson PT evening program and loved it. I was working full time though no kids at the time. They were great and very accomodating to non trad students (I also started in Jan instead of the fall). With your grades and adecent LSAT score you would get very good scholarship money. Hell, my 152 LSAT got me a partial LSAT Scholarship!! I don't know what the cutoffs are these days but then they started at 150 and went up from there. Like, I got a few thousand dollars whereas someone with a 170 or whatever got a full ride.

Anyway, I left school after 2 years to move overseas with my husband and now I have a 2 year old. I am "only" 31 and "only" have 1 kid but I am going back this time, full time. I had to start over but I can deal with that. I will be sorking part time as it would be very tough for us to drop to just my husband's income. We could do it, but it would be hard with a mortgage, 2 car payments, day care, food, bills, etc. I will be going to school full time this time and my husband is incredibly supportive. Willing to do just about anything to get me through this :) I am hoping the fact that I have had most of this material before (at least the first 1.5 years of it) will help me get through the first year considering I will be working as well. I already understand (well, at least at one time understood) the material and I won't spend those first few weeks flailing around like I did before. As far as after my first year, I don't know what will happen work wise. We'll just have to see. But the first year is the toughest, so we'll see what happens. I also am not getting any scholarship money so I am funding this 100% with loans. Some federal and some private. It will suck on the other end when I have to pay it back (especially with my previous years worth of law school debt) but that is the price to pay for finally getting my JD!.