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The thread for all the mail you get during the 2006 admissions cycle.

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--- Quote from: Ph on September 19, 2005, 07:04:52 PM ---I'll start.

Today (9/19):  Miami fee waiver via snail mail (already informed of it via e-mail), Cal-Berkeley (Boalt) packet, and Brooklyn packet.  Also received an e-mail from Iowa with an invitation to apply (they e-mailed me on Friday). 


--- End quote ---

I got the exact same stuff you did today, with the exception of boalt.

This is a great idea...seems like it could be really useful throughout this process if we can keep it up...we may want to do it on a day-by-day basis later on when admissions decisions start coming in...we would title threads "Mail Call 12/14" for example...

- Michigan fee waiver and invitation to apply (later than some other people but better than never)
- also got the University of Iowa College of Law invitation

Today: Got Boalt and Brooklyn info as well.  I also received a bunch of stuff from diff. schools inviting me to stop by their table at the law forum in Chicago this next weekend.
Seton Hall sent me updated info pkt too, today.

Brooklyn, Seton Hall, and letter from Iowa.  I think that was all.  Last week I got a fee waiver from Indiana.



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