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I would like to be enlightened about the realities for a guy 47 years old, will

be 48 by the time he applies to law school, regarding them being accepted into law school
and the chance for a successful carear assuming he graduates law school and passes the bar.


age discrimination runs rampant in this profession.  the big firms will largely ignore you.      invest the money for tuition instead.


I would say that it depends on what you want to do with your degree.  We have a 52 year old dentist in my class.  It didn't stop him from coming to LS.


I think with your backround and experience that it would be fine for you.  I'm a wee bit older than the average, and I have zero desire to go to a biglaw firm and have them work me like a dog

I have a masters in electrical engineering and a masters in mathematics. So i think i may want
to do something in intellectual property law.

see if you can go the tech specialist route.  essentially, you take the patent bar and work at a firm and get paid with reduced billables.  less salary than associates.  however, you go to law school at night with the possibility of getting hired at the firm.  these types of positions are found at the big firms in the major markets.  NY, DC, ATL (don't know about markets in the west)


Sounds like a great idea. I didn't know about that. Do you know of a law firm that
has that option who i can contact to get me started?


you should go to and browse their forums.  just browse the forums that are called "patent careers" or "becoming a patent lawyer".  i think your question has been addressed before.  if not, then ask your questions there.

Here's a very inspirational blog from a 49 year old homemaker who decided to enter law school:

Here's a very inspirational blog from a 49 year old homemaker who decided to enter law school:
Wow, thanks! Now I dont feel so bad. I am 41 married with kids and am taking the LSATs in 3 weeks, I was depressed thinkingI am too old. Now I feel better

If you are motivated and have a true desire to go to law school I think you should most certainly do so.

A woman that my parents are friends with went to law school after her sons went through law school themselves and had their own law firm.  She had an entire career as a school teacher and administrator.  I think she was at least 45 when she decided to make the plunge.  She then went on to become a judge and sits on the House of Representatives in her home state.  I feel she is a great example of the success a non-trad can have in ls.


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Here's a very inspirational blog from a 49 year old homemaker who decided to enter law school:

I spent the better part of this morning reading this woman's web site. Fascinating. As a 40 something that will be entering law school, it didn't exactly inpire me. She had a rough go in her 1L. But, it did give me a strong dose of reality. BIGLAW is not a good direction, that's clear. Read all of her links and the full site and you will get a clear picture of what's ahead. I'm still ready to go, just not so (d)illusioned.