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Is one's driving revocation grounds to deny admiss


Ed M.:
It is my understanding that Law School admission policy denies admission to prospective students whose licenses are revoked for the duration of the revocation.  With all due respect to you and the admissions committee, I ask this. I believe the critical issue is whether I am qualified to perform the essential functions as a law student, regardless of my license revocation which is a mitigating circumstance of my disability. Is the revocation of my driving privilege grounds to deny me, an American with a documented disability, a recovering alcoholic, admission to law school? Do I need a driver's licenses to be a law student? A driver's license to learn the law? Or a driver's license to practice law? If this is a practiced policy, this policy of rejection of a person with a disability, who can perform the essential functions as a law school student who over the years has proven himself and has come so far mentally, physically and spiritually(two degrees in the last 5 years), sends out a chilling effect message. A message that this criterion screens out or tends to screen out individuals with disabilities. Could someone please help a prospective law student with some good legal law ?????? Thank you for your time and help in this matter....     ED

What schools are you talking about?  I haven't heard of this.  (But then, I never had my driver's license revoked, so I haven't been looking.)  My apps asked if I had been convicted - but I don't think this would necessarily bar someone from being accepted.

It might be more of an issue during the bar exam.  Even then it might not be a big deal.  Some states revoke driver's licenses for anything.  Ive had friends get theirs revoked because they didnt pay some fine and they moved out of state.  Look into it, get it fixed and byt he time you finish law school you will be all set.

I agree.  Clean it up and deal with it now.


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