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Torts & Contracts for 1Ls


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Torts & Contracts for 1Ls
« on: September 11, 2005, 09:20:23 AM »
I'm selling a few BRAND NEW books for Torts and Contracts.  Please see below:

Contract Law & Theory: Selected Provisions: Restatement of Contracts and UCC, 3rd Edition 2003

Contract Law & Theory: Revised 3rd Edition (SKU: 0820561029); still in shrink wrap

Torts,cases,problems,and Exercises [STUDENT EDITION] (Hardcover); still in shrink wrap
by Russell L.; Bauman, John H.; Cross, John T.; Klein, Andrew R.; Martin, Edward C.; Zwier, II, Paul J. Weaver
Attending: Emory
In: UF, UM
Wailisted: ND (Group 1), Berkeley (Group 1)
Rejections: GW, UCLA