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911 Remember???????????

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911 Remember???????????
« on: September 11, 2005, 06:02:13 AM »
"one hundred and two minutes"

dinosaur, oh dinosaur,
two airplanes soared
into my shores
and i could not see the bloody open jealous sores
that scarred and scored
my emergency call to the blue, blue, blue, hudson's sea's sky.
when abba, allah, buddah, vishnu, hashem, my fa
had been watching, listening to my human prayer's sigh
and terror reigns in only one jest, can you guess?
with all the rest?
which race?
the jealous one called human.

dinosaur, oh dinosaur,
please lend an ear
emergency...send a tear, make it clear...

did you hear dinosaur? i dialed 911.
19 dead men on the run,
two prey flying birds switched gear,
the alquadan cant's despicable airplane steer,
allah chasing 19 doomed infidel murderers in her sights...
they're marked deer, without rights.
(new lore) right here dinosaur...
the gray snow blankets, the Battery is seared...
dear human angels fly from the tall twin sentinels and fear
how the middle of conflict; the middle of pain twisted mere
freedom into 19 shamed and two burning effigies.
oh god! Peace, please appease!
precious escaping;
human angels fear fear;
fly; then disappear.
the trampled vintage dangerously near,

dinosaur, oh dinosaur,
please lend an ear
emergency...send a tear, make it clear...

...silence...god's shadow shall crush the jealous vengeful tyrants.
so be it...allah executed and damned those 19 cants;
while a geometric order of divinity delivered the bravest, the finest, and
the innocents
with a guidance
past blindness into paradise's enlightenments...
human bodies as well as souls arrived upon heaven in tact
rapture dispatched,
at 10:29 this mourning is fact;
a saddening exact
left only the mothers of the disappeared on earth,
a thousand screamed, "it is finished; end of birth."

dinosaur, oh dinosaur,
please lend an ear
emergency...send a tear, make it clear...

during a green tree shimmering dusken september tenth eve of two thousand
and two years
we touched the moon's forehead looking back upon blue earth's peers,
(does islam queer?)
yet, did not stop to see that a breath and a pause could stimulate our souls
through an impending slouching, slicing pain.
but only one does not live alone and the one always is two;
melding together in the rain,
dusk, dawn...and soon,
breeds awe from nearby mortal folk under a pink and indigo
sky, becoming dreary.
so, becoming becomes the question's query...
and the twins slept one more summer's eve one opened eye each soon teary,
beaconing the city that guards the "square of time".
and only time

shall find its way to a solo human heart and a violet sky
which waits for the sad one who stands alone, momentarily...
missing his lost love.

dinosaur, oh dinosaur,
please lend an ear
emergency...send a tear, make it clear...

next morning we awoke with a head shot to the north and a gut shot to the
then the despicable, cantankerous, hypocritical cant struck our cantor's
centered mouth.
my brother in his south
tower suffering from a death-blow lost all his cantors to the 19 infidels
and as his twin sister holding her north souls;
bleeding cold from the neck she cried, (with her southern brother) fifty
throat ripped out if only she could speak:

my brother and me,
reared past the hour of death...standing wider than wide
held our own inside
'till my brother could stand no more...and his spirits flied.
i gasped, exhaled my souls...antenna legs died.
i lie down to the north and my last sleeping gasp...
i sigh
before i die...
a final task...

my wise,
warm words sprite action onward...
stones, stand, still."

dinosaur, oh dinosaur,
please lend an ear
emergency...send a tear, make it clear...

we two, tried to stand and many thousands stayed alive.
Gabriel, passed over us one hour,
and human's alarm clocks he stopped and took power.
so many thrived.
for our disappeared,
united "i can" martyrs revered,
do our human prayers you hear?

oh dinosaur; oh, dinosaur,
two airplanes soared into my shores
and can it be that hope listens to beautiful children's energy abound?
and can we plant two flowers? rebuild around?
and honor the sanctified hallowed ground...
send healing love to our new york town?

now i ask you, hashem? who is really allah? is she around?
beware these false gods, a new time's chime now sounds
alive never mind them, no longer nigh,
GH has arrived.


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Re: 911 Remember???????????
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2006, 08:33:39 AM »
let us not forget...

any thoughts?

cui bono?

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Re: 911 Remember???????????
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2006, 11:52:32 AM »
I think the fact that they have that movie out is a little insensitive.  I hate this day-  I always get a little misty eyed remembering how worried I was about the fam.  Never prayed so hard in my life. 

Re: 911 Remember???????????
« Reply #3 on: September 12, 2006, 07:57:34 AM »
how could one forget? I was living in DC at the law school was a few blocks from the White House.. and with the after school program that I was working with...two people were on the plane leaving Alexandria VA to go to Los Angeles... a teacher and a 6th grader :'(... I remember the panic that was in my parents voice when we were finally able to reach each other the next day... I also remember the horror and terror the next month with the sniper shootings...

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Re: 911 Remember???????????
« Reply #4 on: September 14, 2006, 09:39:31 AM »
I remember coming to work that morning back in Kansas City and going out to do a tour on the construction site then some iron worker says "somebody just crashed a plane into the world trade center in New York"

I'm thinking some small private, propeller plane or something small like that must have got off course or caught a bad wind or something.  Went on about my business.

Then I look around and everybody stops working and starts walking in the same direction. Somebody on the site had a TV in their mobile office and the 2nd plane had just hit.  You could hear a pin drop.

I remember thinking about my best friend who had just moved to the City who worked on Wall Street, literally 2 blocks east of WTC. This overachieving lucky bastard, (an invenstment banker no doubt so go figure) had worked the night before on September 10th until about 5 or 6 am on September 11th, went back to his mid-town apartment to change up and before he could head back it had happened.


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Re: 911 Remember???????????
« Reply #5 on: September 15, 2006, 12:08:24 PM »
I remember I was working at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, right outside of DC, as a civilian contractor but the majority of the building were army/navy.  My co-worker's (Army) mom called her to tell the news.  She called me over and her mom was on speaker phone while we were clicking around on CNN.  After being on the phone for a few minutes we heard a strange sound (that's actually the only way I can describe the noise) through the phone.  Her mother works less than a mile from the Pentagon and she told us that a plane just crashed into it.  Less than 10 minutes later it was on 

The Navy were the first to evacuate while we all stood around the lab and watched out the windows wondering if our building was next (dumb I know, but it's what happened).

My daughter was in school in DC and I was frantic trying to reach my finace to pick her up.  No cell phones were working because the network was too crowded. They eventually evacuated the civilians from the builiding while the Army had to stay behind. A few hours later my fiance showed up to pick me up and he had my daughter.  I lived in DC at the time but we headed to a friend's house in Maryland to settle and get a grasp for what was going on.  The schools in DC remained closed the following day.

By the following week we had locks on everything in the lab, we had to go through a double security checkpoint to enter the grounds, they were doing random car searches and put access codes on all the doors.  It became like fort knox. I stuck around for a few more months after that. 


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Re: 911 Remember???????????
« Reply #6 on: September 15, 2006, 12:17:10 PM »
I was a couple of weeks into my freshman year.  I'm in the shower in my dorm when some girl comes in and says a plane crashed into the world trade center.  I don't really think anything of it, and go back to my room to get ready for class.  My roommate has the tv on and I think its an accident until I see the second plane hit.  I head off to my class, which coincidentally was health.  They tell us that class was cancelled, not to be alone and that there are counsellors available, etc. 

Some people stayed to talk, but I wanted to go back to my dorm.  On the way, I walked through the student center, where there were groups of people gathered around the tvs, just watching.  I don't think I've ever heard it that quiet.  School was also cancelled the next day, and we had some sort of dorm togetherness activity for the two girls floors where we went to the park and ate Krispey Kremes and talked.  We had a lot of people from New York at my school, so tension levels were high.

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Re: 911 Remember???????????
« Reply #7 on: September 24, 2006, 10:25:57 AM »
thank you to those for sharing...

god bless african american independents!