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Author Topic: New Games -(Dec99, sec1, q14)- try this (4)  (Read 216 times)


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New Games -(Dec99, sec1, q14)- try this (4)
« on: September 07, 2005, 08:24:10 PM »

Exactly five cars -- Frank's, Marquitta's, Orlando's, Taishah's, and Vinquetta's -- are washed, each exactly once. The cars are washed one at a time, with each receiving exactly one kind of wash: regular, suer, or premium. The following conditions must apply:

The first car washed does not receive a super wash, though at least one car does.
Exactly one car receives a premium wash.
The second and third cars washed receive the same kind of wash as each other.
Neither Orlando's nor Taishah's is washed before Vinquetta's.
Marquitta's is washed before Frank's, but after Orlando's.
Marquitta's and the car wahsed immediately before Marquitta's receive regular washes.

4. Which one of the follwoing must be true?
a) Vinquetta's car receives a premium wash
b) Exactly two cars receive a super wash
c) the fifth car washed receives a super wash
d) the fourth car washed receives a super wash
e) the second car washed receives a regular wash


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Re: New Games -(Dec99, sec1, q14)- try this (4)
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2005, 10:51:23 AM »
It's E.

The lowest M can go is 4 and the highest is 3. M always gets the regular wash as does the car immediately before it. So if it's in 4, it and the car in 3 both get the regular wash. Also remember, the cars in 3 and 2 both get the same type of wash. Spot 2 must get a regular wash as well.

If M is in three, it and the car in spot 2 must get the same type of wash. Since M always gets a regular wash, in this instance so will the car in spot 2.