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Black Law Student Discussion Board


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Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« Reply #5940 on: January 07, 2005, 06:40:58 PM »

Right, so i don't see why i should vote republican then if they don't consider my vote as valuable enough to consider my interests. and especially not help to ensure republican victory when most of their policies negatively effects people of color. i

The reason why we have to change our vote is because no part now has to have policies in Black's interest because Democrats and Republicans KNOW we wont vote replubican, thus the republicans ignore us and democrats are like F****em, who else are they going to support. So we ahve to do something to send a clear and decisive message and they cant blindly assume where we will vote, and why not vote replublican because our issues arent being addressed anyway, so one time is all that will be needed to send a message, look at the hispanic vote in the last presidential election, it was like 50/40% thats why you saw them mofos doing all those commercial on radio in spanish both parties, when have you heard of that in the black community, both parties fighting for our votes

but i also mentioned voting third party. but vote republican, without them having to do any active recruitment for our vote and ensure  policies that in the long run hurts our communities? plus, even if the democrats try to win back our votes, the republicans wouldn't care b/c as you've said, they don't see our vote as valuable enough to keep. i don't see this viewpoint as a win situation for black voters. and a big difference between black voters and latino voters is in sheer numbers. they are the the fastest growing minority, but when blacks were, republicans still ignored us then. #@!* that, i'm down for voting for a 3rd party, but i'm not voting for a political party who has no respect for my people's political force nor as a people in general. and help them keep my people on the bottom as their fat pockets keep growing? naw, this is one area in which i'm not feelin. maybe when (i'm trying to be positive) black people can have a greater turnout, and republicans start kissing our ass, we can talk a little more about this.

In our electoral system, voting for a 3rd party will effect little change. 

Through gerrymandering, a large portion of the black vote is concentrated in relatively few districts.  However, this does allow those districts to elect black representatives.  Currently, both parties assume that these representatives will be Democrats.  However, if a large portion of the blacks in a district were to start voting Republican, then both parties would start vying for these districts, and the black community might win some concessions from each party.  In today's extremely divided America, both parties are trying to get all the votes they can, and it is to our disadvantage to be written off by both parties.


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Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« Reply #5941 on: January 07, 2005, 06:53:19 PM »
So how do ya'll feel about some folks being upset about an 80-year old man being arrested for the murder of the 3 Civil Rights workers, yet they can't get over OJ.


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Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« Reply #5942 on: January 07, 2005, 07:35:10 PM »
Now some buttholes are calling me an arrogant jerk because I'm venting. I should have gotten in. I have the right to shocked and appalled.


sh*t, that IS bizarre-- i assumed you meant deferred and you just misspoke. i wonder what their strategy is...


Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« Reply #5943 on: January 07, 2005, 07:45:05 PM »

Man. I had to download that half time performance by Ashley Simpson. Yo, check this *&^% out.


Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« Reply #5944 on: January 07, 2005, 09:42:12 PM »
Okay, Ruskie is really pissed!

Sands, so this aram guy is bombarding me with his senselessness over PM now and the latest one is in a category of its own.  See, he is attempting to make a case for himself -- a sob story of sorts.  So he PM's me, and amidst some other mumbo jumbo about mathematical proof that AA (sorry, HBCU, this isn't the topic of the post, I promise!) is unecessary at the post-graduate level, has the nerve to tell me that his parents came to this country ten years ago with only 1500 dollars and that I was obviously more priviliged!

I about flew off the handle!  That kind of money, especially given the economy and the exchange rate is far from a beggar's lot.  My mom came to this country with THIRTY, yes, I said "30" dollars.  That, at the time, was equal to one thousand rubles, her entire life's savings and ten times her monthly salary.  My mother came here expecting that her 30 dollars would stretch as far as her 1,000 rubles, and when on her second day here she checked a price tag of a PJ set at Victoria's Secret and found that it was 45 dollars, she wept. Not because she wanted the PJ's, but because for the first time she realized how worthless all her efforts had been.  She had intended to return to Russia with dolls, markers, and stufffed animals for me, but it soon became obvious that she would be lucky to live a week on her entire life's savings.  The next day, her friend, who had witnessed the scene, brought her a little pink bag with black stripes -- my mom's sweat, blood and tears all wrapped up in pretty pink paper.

I was laying in bed and thinking about all that last night. And I was angry.  I was angry that someone who came with so much attacked someone who came with so little.  But, more than that, I was thankful for how blessed my mom and I have become in this country, how lucky I am that my life-long savings will never fit in a tiny gift bag from Victoria's Secret.

Whew, vent off.

Thanks for listening.  Luv you guys! :-* :-*


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Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« Reply #5945 on: January 07, 2005, 10:21:01 PM »
Dang Ruskie.  Keep your head up.  This guy is crazy, but I understand the need to vent. Its hard when people attack you but you'll be okay.  :) :D

Are you back in school yet? If not, when do you go back?  :) ;) :D ??? ::) :P ;D

Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« Reply #5946 on: January 07, 2005, 11:12:46 PM »
Regal, your waitlist from Penn may have been for yield protection.  They tend to reject/waitlist people with high numbers because they don't think they will attend the school, and thus protect their yeild.  With your numbers maybe they assumed you wouldn't attend??  You have already gotten into NYU which is ranked higher and I'm sure HYS is on the way, so don't worry.   

Burning Sands, Esq.

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Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« Reply #5947 on: January 08, 2005, 11:42:34 AM »
Yessir back on Eastern Standard Time!!!

But unfortunately back to work.  LadyDay, you didn't tell me it was raining out here! :(

Regal - if you ever come on here complaining about getting waitlisted at a school below the ones you have already got accepted to I will take you across my knee and haze you. Silence woman.  They've obviously filled their black girl from california quota, what do you expect?

SMU - classes start monday.  Picking up the Civ Pro book today and will probably get started this afternoon on the first assignments.  Uhg.  Why are we doing this again?  Right right, six figures out of school, ok now I remember.  Sure.

Trip back to East Coast Story:
Had a crazy layover in ATL on the plane.  Got in at 7, didn't fly out until 11.  So i hollered at one of my best friends from undergrad who is stays in ATL and he swoops me up and we roll into downtown.  Go to this spot called Gladys Knights Chicken and Waffles so you already know wsup!  Got an order of Catfish and Grits, a winning combination!  So we're finishing our meal and this entourage gets up and walks out of the spot...none other than Manny Fresh and the rest of the hot boys.  Go figure.  Great food, great atmosphere, ya'll cats down in ATL got it made.

So then I hop on the plane, have a couple shots of jack and "lean back".  I fly into jersey and see two prostitutes and an italian pimp picking them up at the airport...Good to be back where things make sense.


Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« Reply #5948 on: January 08, 2005, 12:07:24 PM »
Hello people, this might be long so bear with me. Input greatly appreciated. Newbie/lurker here. Find you all fascinating, interesting sometimes very funny.I Just don't post. Anyway, abt to finish undergrad in Houston and having a really hard time deciding what school to go to. Grew up in Nigeria, Chicago, Houston. I'm 21 been in houston past 5 years. I want to get out asap, was seriously considering Health law- Got into Houston Law- one of the best programs. However with a nice scholarship to Howard, and admission to Rutgers, I feel I am being given an opportunity to get out. Houston, Howard, Rutgers are the only schools i am still considering at the moment. Houston is ranked higher however the desire to move is strong (only child, overprotective mother). Anyway, the question is- is it a wise decision to go to a lower ranked school just cos I want to move to a different area? (I would not mind working in Tx or NJ, DC area. I would like to go somewhere else now) It would be way cheaper for me to stay in Tx..(no rent, free food etc) At Rutgers- I would not qualify for in-state (not soon) anyway, i am not a US citizen, The scholarship to Howard would minimize debt, but how much weight to rankings carry?? Once again, input would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Black Law Student Discussion Board
« Reply #5949 on: January 08, 2005, 12:23:58 PM »
The difference in rankings is pretty much insignifficant among those schools. I say go where you think you have the  most career prospects and the area where you would most likely want to live. Moving out can also be very rewarding so I think you should take that into much consideration also.

Best of luck to you