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Burning Sands, Esq.:
This is the BLSD and it's a good place for all African-Americans to get together and uplift each other in our quest to achieve excellence in the field of law. All brothers and sisters are welcome to post messages here. Please follow the rules below:

BLSD RULE #1: No discussions of Affirmative Action. (There is a separate thread for that topic)
BLSD RULE #2: Non-blacks are welcome to post messages.
BLSD RULE #3: No racial slurs or epithets will be tolerated. (Try to remain professional at all times; have fun and try to keep it clean)
BLSD RULE #4: No lewd/obscene pics please. 
This board will be moderated in the following manner:

The substantive regulation of the board:

* Exercise Respect towards each other
* Exercise Tolerance towards each other's posts/expressions
* Distinguish between Personal Harassment/Troll/Flame Posts and Merely Obnoxious/Subjectively Offensive Posts
* Remove Personal Harassment/Trolls/Flames from the BLSD

The procedural regulation of the board:

* Objectively offensive posts shall be removed to the Hate board initially
* Personally harassing posts shall be removed to the Hate board and/or deleted as a last resort
* In the instance of a good thread gone awry, care shall be taken to remove only those specific posts in violation
* In the instance of a thread created in violation from its beginning, remove the entire thread
* "Objectively Offensive" may be determined by either the subject of the attack (if there is one) or the moderator, with the advice of members of the board

NOTE: In the interest of board harmony, try to avoid taking the board too personally or talking about other members behind their backs.  This may seem obvious but unfortunately it happens. Disputes will occur from time to time.  Try to remember that while this is cyber-space, real individuals exist behind the screen names and the legal community is a very small world - you never know who you may run into in real life.


I said the same thing until I got a full scholarship from a respected school in my home state.  But money may not be an issue for you. 

One word of advice- apply EARLY.  If possible, have everything in and COMPLETE by mid October at the latest.

puss puss:
I feel stupid for asking this, but what is an HBCU?


--- Quote from: puss puss on June 23, 2004, 07:41:35 PM ---I feel stupid for asking this, but what is an HBCU?

--- End quote ---

Don't feel stupid.  You're only stupid if you have a question and don't ask...at least, I think that's how it goes.  :P

Anyways, HBCU: Historically Black College or University.


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