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  There have been several threads to discuss LAPTOP purchases for lawschool... i recently discovered a website that has some amazing prices on IBM thinkpads...  the only kicker is that the distributor (Bill Morrow) only deals in cash/wiretransfers etc.  NO Credit Cards...

  I was set to buy my IBM T42 Thinkpad model 2373-3VU from IBM directly at a cost of 3,099.  I was quoted a price of $2499 from Bill Morrow directly.  I have my trepedations about paying cash for such a large purchase... but for a nearly $600 savings it may be worth the gamble....

 Has anyone used this distributor in that past or know anything about him??

 Thanks alot guys... and check out his site if yo uare still in the market because he boasts some AMAZING deals...



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Just curious, what about a warranty? thanks


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I use that site a lot but have never bought from him.  I tend to trust the site, though.

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Just curious, what about a warranty? thanks
3 year warranty from IBM....

   Superior, i trust it too.... the difficulty is convincing my pop (who is from the "old school") to make such a large purchase in cash...


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I don't know about this guy in particular, but I tried buying a sony on ebay once and was burned.

The guy wanted a wire transfer/money order, but I persisted and eventually got him to accept credit card via paypal. I paid $1400 for a sony laptop, waited a week with no word of a shipping number, emailed the guy to ask what was up, got a stupid reply (something like "oh, i forgot"), gave him a deadline to get me the shipping number, eventually received a box...

get this, the fucker sent a ny giants football jersey and wrote a note in the box saying "hope you enjoy your sony vaio!".

i tried getting paypal to reverse the charges, but they're assholes and wouldn't do it. so i instead called up my credit card company directly and got a chargeback.

i also scared the crap out of the kid that did it by threatening to sue him for mail/wire fraud (which under u.s. code is imprisonable for 15 years to life).

wasn't worth the waste of time, and imagine... if i had paid with money order or wire transfer, i'd be SOL.


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As mentioned below, you should be able to order directly from IBM at educational prices for less than that.  They show it at 2634.15 on their website for direct orders right now.

Berkeley's computer store (strictly as a reference point) shows it at $2375.


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IBM shareholders can get up to 15% off laptops. You need to get the code that was included with the annual report in order to purchase.  Otherwise if you know an IBM employee, you can ask them for their employee's number and get an employee's discount.

Good luck


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i have the epp via a college friend. it's 10% for most things. also, the standard educational discount appears to be only 5%, if your school doesn't have a specific arrangement with ibm for a larger discount.

it looks like some of ibm's prices came down in the last week or so, fwiw.

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IBM is too expensive.

             How is this for 1609 (w/o Tax) from Compaq

Processor Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 3.00 GHz w/HT Technology         
Operating System Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Home       
Memory 1.0GB DDR SDRAM (2x512MB)           
Hard Drive 40 GB 4200 RPM Hard Drive           
Primary CD/DVD Drive 8X DVD Drive         
Networking FREEUpgradeto54g(TM) Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN !!           
Display FREE Upgrade from 15" XGA to 15.4" WXGA (1280x800)           
Graphics Card 128MB ATI Mobility Radeon(TM) 9600         
Productivity Software Microsoft(R) Works/Money         
Primary Battery 12 Cell Lithium Ion Battery           
HP extended service plans 3-year HP Express Repair extended service plan

   I am not sure about the quality of compaq, but they offer almost double the features for the money.

Also, are you guys buying any specific cable locks/tracking software or plates for your laptop? What about privacy filter, anyone tried those?