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All of a sudden Im wondering if I should take the Oct LSATS, advice??


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Hey guys...
I took the June LSAT and bombed with a 152. I was going to just accept my score and use my high gpa to balance it out and apply to some lower tier 2s and tier 3s... but now im having second thoughts and wondering if I should take the LSAT again in Oct. Is it worth it for the extra few points? My pretests ranged from a 153, 155, 151, 157, 156... so even if I do my best practice test ill prolly average to a 155. Should I risk it? Should i just keep my 152? Is a 154 or 155 gonna look THAT much better then a 152 at some of the bottom tier 2s and tier 3s? I cant wait till Dec so thats not option... its either take it now again, or keep my score and send my apps out and preay for the best. I am in desperate need of advice though... what does everyone think I should do? Late registration deadline is Sep 9th so I need to make my decisions soon... HELP!!!



Re: All of a sudden Im wondering if I should take the Oct LSATS, advice??
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2005, 07:44:40 AM »
If there's any doubt in your mind, take a year off. It's only going to work in your favor.

If you're not happy with your score, don't apply b/c you'll only end up disappointed with your options.

And if you're JUST NOW thinking about retaking, you're not going to get the jump you're aiming for.

Take a year off, spend the next 6 months prepping, hire a private tutor if you can, and try agian later.

Just y $.02.