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« on: August 29, 2005, 09:15:42 AM »
From reading the various posts on the general board, I'm a little confused. Is the LSAT a test that is completely learnable or are there some people who just CANNOT score above a certain mark? I've heard some say your score can jump 30-40 points, while others say that kind of jump is impossible. How much can studying really help you improve and how much is based on nature intelligence?

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Re: Studying=180??
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The LSAT largely learnable.  For example, you can learn how to diagram logical deductions (which are absolutely necessary for logic games and help immensely for logical reasoning).  You can learn how to diagram the rules in logic games, and you can learn how to identify questions types in LR.  The hardest section to learn in my opinion is the reading comp section.  Improvement in that section is not guaranteed, even with a lot of studying.  However, you are likely to improve at least a little in RC simply by becoming more comfortable with reading long passages and becoming familiar with the kinds of questions asked.  Aside from learning some rudimentary logic, the biggest thing you can "learn" about the LSAT is the types of questions asked.  Becoming familiar with the LSAT helps out a lot, and will likely improve your overall confidence, which is vital.