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This place USED TO BE amazing! But now is filled with Spam.. Lets fix this site!


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Hey everyone! wow things have changed over the years!! I am latinlord. I had a long story about 12years ago when I applied to law school and was admitted with a terrible LSAT. I have made my mission to help others get into law school. My intern at my law firm just took the lsat and is applying this cycle.

I showed her this website and LSN's.. which were both instrumental to me. Sadly this site has been taken over by robots and ads. Who are the monitors???! I would love to monitor the site and delete all this crap out there and bring back the site that once helped me so much.

If your curious about my struggles and who I am, do a search for my name "Latinlord" or check out my old famous LSN profile. 

I have become an expert at applying to law schools. I have gotten paralegals at my firm in to law school who are now back at my firm practicing law. I value this discussion board. I hope that we can bring it back to the days of 2006! When information was actually useful.

I welcome anyone's input and please someone put me in contact with the monitors of this site so we can each help each other clean it up and make it better. 

My story is this, 13 years ago.. i was rejected by EVERY Law school I applied to. I am from Philadelphia area and most schools on the east coast are very difficult to get into with a law LSAT.. Mine was 135 the first time then 144 the second time. My GPA was a 3.6 I learned a lot with these two sites. I applied for a second cycle applying for over 30 schools and programs all over the country and one great school took a chance on me and admitted me into their special summer program then in the Part time evening section at Indiana University School of Law- Indianapolis a Tier 2 school (all my other acceptances were Tier 4's) After my first semester, proving the LSAT wrong, I was Top 1/3 of the class. Then I applied to transfer back home but didn't get in so I stayed a second year in Indiana. Then my 3rd year I applied and was accepted as a visiting student to Villanova Law. So I got to finally come back home and network. Then after that, i decided to keep going and obtained an LLM in Trial Advocacy at Temple law. Which was huge for me in networking and getting jobs. Then i joined a small firm in Philly where I stayed till now.. I am now a named partner at the firm in Philadelphia with multiple associates under me. I enjoy the practice of law, it was a long road but worth it in the end. Don't let anyone say anything different. There are great people out there willing to help you all.

I hope to see people out there who can help me clean up this great site that helped me so many years ago.

Yours Truly,

Latinlord aka Chris