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Skype LSAT study


Skype LSAT study
« on: August 25, 2005, 04:51:57 AM »
Who is in for an online LSAT study?   

These things always fizzle out, so if we come up with an agenda and purpose, it may improve the chances of working.

- Skype - reason is voice conference calling ability?  (can anyone confirm this?)

- Games review:  people take test, then email others with missed questions, and different people volunteer to present te section.
- Reading comprehension:  As a group, the people read the passage, then one person volunteers to summarize, outline, restate the passage.
- Logical reasoning:  We can do this analagous to a TM/powerscore.. the method of review/presentation is probably not critical other than practicing verbally

Also, we can probably piggy-back off another yahoo study group as far as which tests will be reviewed.  What might also be a consideration is a loose stucture where people work independently, practicing their own strengths/weaknesses and the review hones in on the missed/difficult sessions.  my preference is for the latter but there is a risk in that it lacks a defined test structure.

(edit) in general, this is directed towards people in the 165+ range, who already have a reasonable understading of the lsat and applicable logic applied to it.  as you can see, some of the emphasis is on oral processing, instead of internal processing.  when one speaks, they invariably translate/paraphrase and distil the logic, something not necessarily true of semi-active reading