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we have released an learning app for the bar exam

we have released an learning app for the bar exam
« on: April 18, 2017, 09:12:34 PM »
Hello guys;

We have released an learning app-MarginNote for law school students and it combines five major features: ebooks reading, notes-taking, creating multi-dimensional notebooks from fragmented annotations and notes: book margin, hierarchy outline, mind map, hashtags, and flashcards

You can easily capture, organize, and review your book annotations and notes.  These tools help to create more dimensions of knowledge in your brain, and will help you to truly master the knowledge.
a quote from our customer.

I was looking for an app that would allow me to highlight my pdf cases from Westlaw, and allow me to cite to specific portions of a case in court. Found this app, and it so much more!  Not only can I highlight specific text, I can then organize my thoughts, color code by the IRAC method or by specific issues, and send my notes to be printed into my case file! No more shuffling through pages to get my point across to the judge! I wish I had this in law school (10 years ago!), but now that I have it, it will make my preparation for court and life as a lawyer so much easier! I downloaded the free and after using it for 2 hours I purchased the pro! Totally worth it!

We are interested in giving away 3 copies worth of 49.99 usd to law students who are preparing for the bar exam. If you want to download a free trial, please head over to our website or search MarginNote in the Apple appstore.


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Re: we have released an learning app for the bar exam
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I think it is too good for law student.