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St. Thomas (MSP) vs. Michigan State

St. Thomas (MSP) vs. Michigan State
« on: March 29, 2017, 11:55:53 AM »
Background: Interested in nonprofit/public law, specifically housing-related stuff, however, definitely open to other things depending on what strikes my interest in law school. Not interested in BigLaw in the least, but definitely open to small or mid-size firms. Graduated undergrad in '13 and have been working in the nonprofit housing sector since.

Right now I'm between St. Thomas and Michigan State. At St. Thomas, I have a 60% tuition scholarship, and at MSU I have 25%. MSU has been my first choice for a while, but I'm struggling with the decision given the size of my scholarship at (already affordable) St. Thomas. However, cost of living in the Twin Cities is super high - I'd definitely have to take out loans for living expenses. At MSU I'm confident I could skip living expense loans with working and my savings.

Also slightly worried about St. Thomas's OOS prospects. I'm happy to practice in either state, but I also want to be open to other midwestern states (mainly Wisconsin). I know both schools have mostly regional pull, but I feel like MSU has much more name recognition OOS than St. Thomas does.

Basically, looking for advice as to whether I should take the higher tuition and low living cost+higher name rec and rank, or the lower tuition vs. very high living cost and less mobility. Help.