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Okay, so I've done a substantial amount of research on law schools. I'm taking the LSAT for the second time this June, and I plan on going to school in fall 2017. I am applying to schools in Europe with the LLM and schools here (with the JD). Just wondering-does anyone know anything about JD's in Europe? Are there schools there which you can study, and earn a JD? I haven't seen any so far, but I'm always open to suggestions, and would love any info anyone has!

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I think most European universities offer a bachelor's degree in law (LL.B) as the first degree, not an LL.M. As far as JD programs in Europe, I don't know but probably not.

Here is the bigger question: where are you from, and where do you want to live?

If you are planning in living in the U.S. after law school, I wouldn't bother with a European degree. The systems are VERY different, and you'd be much better off studying in the U.S. Also, depending on the school, you may have to complete an LL.M in the U.S. before you can take the bar.

If you plan on living in Europe and are NOT an EU citizen, then I suggest looking into immigration policies. Many EU countries are pretty closed door about inviting in professional competition. I personally know folks who completed graduate degrees in Europe and then were promptly told to leave. It's a different system. If you are an EU citizen, of course this doesn't matter.