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ABA Law School student dismissed- considering CBE school

Re: ABA Law School student dismissed- considering CBE school
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ok, what is your lsat score.........its a factor in this

Stop being silly. It's completely irrelevant and you know it. He's a licensed attorney in CA. Are you?
Of course I'm a licensed attorney. As for the LSAT......fine........talking to the person looking to attend law school. Sorry if I didn't call out the right party. OP what is your lsat score??


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Re: ABA Law School student dismissed- considering CBE school
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There are tons of success stories from California Bar Schools. The Mayor of LA went to a law school that was neither ABA nor California Bar Accredited and he has a lot more power and influence than I do as an ABA law school grad.

I also had a friend at my ABA school that was dismissed, she was smart, but did not take school seriously first semester at all and she performed poorly. However, after getting hit by reality she reached an agreement with the school that if she passed the Baby Bar exam that they would let her back in. She passed the baby bar and went on to graduate one year after me and passed the bar on her first try and she has a great job now. So you can be readmitted, but there was clearly a major issue that you need to rectify, which can be done, but you need to be honest with yourself.

As to the question regarding CBA schools many do well in particular locations. For example Cal-Northern in Chico is a great place to attend if you want to live in Chico, because there are no other schools in the area, which means there is a huge lack of lawyers in the area.

Or Monterey College of Law as well as San Joaquin College of Law also work well if you want to live in those areas.

So in summary, yes there are success stories and it is certainly possible you could be one of them. However, if you were dismissed in your first semester you need to really analyze what you went wrong. If you attend a Cal Bar school you will have to take the Baby Bar after 1L and if you don't pass your out. (At least that is my understanding as a random guy on the internet, which means nothing).

Furthermore, you will have to pass the California Bar and I can tell you 1L is a cakewalk compared to the bar exam and if you struggled with 1L and do not figure out what went wrong, even if you graduate you may not pass the bar, which is one of the major cons of Cal Bar schools the bar passage rates are terrible. People do pass from Cal-Bar schools and people do fail from ABA schools, and the test is just a terrible experience for anyone.

The real thing you need to do is figure out what went wrong. You either did not put the effort in, did not understand how to approach law school, or maybe your mind just doesn't work the way it needs to for law school.  I am sure it is probably lack of effort or understanding how to approach law school, which can be fixed, but you need to figure out the issue.

So yes you can succeed, but you will need to take a good hard look at yourself and ways you can improve.

Good luck!

Thank you for the reply. I know what went wrong in my first semester. I took it seriously, but I was over doing it. I don't know if that makes any sense. I over studied in the wrong ways. I did not know how to approach the material. I didn't outline properly, I didn't utilize office hours in order to strengthen my rule statements, much of my rule statements were incomplete, I just did a very sloppy job. I was too over worked with 6 classes, however when I learned of my grades during midterms (All fails). I improved for finals on half the courses, earning above 2.0 grades... I had the lowest grade in contracts and my final grade was a 2.3. I also improved well in Contracts, too. I just could not improve on everything.

I don't want any sympathy for my mistakes. I just want to know if there are success stories, because I hate to say this but before I began my studies I looked down on CBE schools and now I'm in a position where I feel like this is my only hope...

I just know that I would do things differently, had I stayed 2nd semester.

As far as the baby bar I would be entering the CBE school as a special student, I don't think I have to take that exam? (I may be wrong) The CBE school is willing to transfer in the courses I did well in.

Correct me if I'm wrong, though.

wow.. this website has sure changed over the years!! As i sit in my office at my small law firm, i thought i'd see what everyone is doing on my favorite site! Mathethis is that you?? Your still around also?! \
As to the Poster, do what you want. If i were you though, i'd recommend reapplying to other accreditited schools, not all schools are the same with grading. A paralegal at my firm got booted from a school and I told him to retake the LSAT and caste a wider net this time to school i know that may accept him. He got in, graduated and is taking the bar exam THIS WEEK!
  Since you want to stay in CA, that is like another planet there. If you don't do the ABA route and/or get into any ABA school do the CBE school route, I think you would still have to take the baby bar there since you are graduating from an unacreditied school and network as much as you can! B/c when you finally get done law school and pass the bar.. no one will care how you got there and your first legal job will be through your networking!

So in the end i recommend reapplying to ABA schools, even out of state if you have to, and if you don't get in any like cooley, or north carolina central university or famu then do the CBE school

Good luck!