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162 to 170 before October LSAT?

Re: 162 to 170 before October LSAT?
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Yes, I tend to agree on all three points.

The thing I wonder about is our inherent limitations, for lack of a better term. For example, a person could study all day everyday for a year, take a prep course, hire a tutor, etc., and still never break 170. For whatever reason, they have exhausted their intellectual and time management abilities at a level below 170.

So I suppose the trick is use the tools available to get as close to your full potential as possible, but to still recognize that at some point you are maxed out.

Re: 162 to 170 before October LSAT?
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I think that is right on point.

At some point there is limit to what an individual can achieve.

For example I don't think anyone questions that Tim Tebow works his ass off and Jay Cutler is a lazy-ass bum, but Jay Cutler is a better QB based on natural ability. 

Or take Shaq he was not known for an amazing work ethic, but he was 7'1 350 lbs and extremely agile. There were many NBA players that worked way harder than Shaq, but had nowhere near his natural talent.

Same with the LSAT there are people that can work their ass off and not break 150, and others are capable of getting a 170 with a half-ass effort. It isn't "fair" per se, but neither is life.

I think most people can take the diagnostic and improve by 10-15 points. I got a 147 on my diagnostic and got up to 157. I didn't take a course or anything and had I done that maybe, I could have gotten to the low 160's, maybe. However, I am not a genius and could probably study from now until the day I die and not break 170. Literally 97%  of lawyers did not get a 170, so that appears on point.

However, many 0L's and even law students don't like to hear they are not a special snowflake, but that reality hits 99% of us sooner or later

To the OP maybe you will get a 170, and in fact I hop you get a 180, but take the test. A 162 is a solid score and nothing to hang your head at, in fact you will have a better score than 86% of lawyers. .