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biglawrefuge - a website to track OCI for law students and lawyers

Dear LSD,

As a lot of you are starting law school this fall, I wanted to let you know about a website that I've been working on called  When I was in your shoes, choosing which law school was a huge decision for me.  I factored into the equation things like the size and age of the law school class, the strengths of the law school, the geographic location, cost and of course, the employment statistics. 

I'm a 2012 SLS grad and former biglaw associate. I was a user of this website way back in 2008 when I was deciding what law school to attend.  In the following years, my career has taken a meandering path.  After matriculating, when researching law firms for summer associate positions, it seemed that everyday ATL would post about how another law firm was breaking layoff records and how offer rates and salaries were dropping.  I was scared at the time that I wouldn't get a job, so I went with the safest bet (i.e. highest offer rate and PPP) out of the law firms from which I received offers. Ultimately, I ended up summering at a big NYC law firm and then working for that firm after graduation, but made it less than a year before I burnt out and quit.

To make a long story short, I left the law to go to a startup in silicon valley (one of the scariest decisions I've ever made). That startup (unlike many you hear about) didn't pan out, and I switched careers back to software engineering (my undergrad). Fast forward to today, and I'm gainfully employed again, albeit not in a legal respect. However, I still am passionate about the law, software engineering and the legal community, which is why I'm posting this.

You all have a big decision to make about what law school to attend, but that is just the beginning of your career.  When I was applying, it certainly felt like there was a set of very real and definite obstacles to overcome.  You've already surmounted one -taking the LSAT and getting into law school, but there is the 1L grind, trying to get good grades, researching law firms and applying, then proving yourself during your summer to hopefully land that coveted job. is a website that hopes to bring greater transparency to law school employment statistics and law firm hiring practices.  When users enter in information about their job applications and interviews (which they can do anonymously), biglawrefuge aggregates the data and provides statistics for each school like "What was the offer rate to law firm X for applicants from law school Y.  What was the average GPA/class rank needed to land that position?"

It's my hope that over time, we can build a better profession through increased transparency.  Please sign up today and I hope you'll use the website as you progress through law school. 


P.s. feel free to ask me any questions about the site or my background!