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Started prep course, have trouble with some material

Re: Started prep course, have trouble with some material
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I hear what you are saying groundhog, I'm just the type who does things BECAUSE they are hard. I dunno, my brain is wired backwords.  I suspect that OP may be a former grunt too (if there is such a thing)

My technique to learn new things that are hard for me is to RESIST THE TRAP that failing quickly is better than passing slowly. Remember, what you can do well with all the time in the world, you can later learn to do at an increasing pace. Walk before you jog, jog before you sprint. I see far too many people try to practice under timed test like conditions STOP DOING THAT (your instructor is using a cookie cutter, you need to break free from that mental trap)
Practice in a non timed relaxed, everything is perfect conditions. Heck, do it naked while drunk if it helps, but then once you ace it that way. Test it with pants on. Then maybe sober. Continue until test like conditions.

You may be to retake. I'd recommend not falling for the 2nd most common trap of stopping studies until results come out. Don't do that. KEEP studying NO MATTER WHAT. That way you are ready to go to retake at 2X power. Plus there is less stress this time around that way. Heck, treat this test as a PREP one (the most real life conditions possible afterall isn't it?) There is no shame in dry running it. Law school takes the HIGHEST score afterall.

Real life experience given. Pass it on to your classmates in prep if they are willing to listen.