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Hello All,

I am new to this discussion board but I'd thought I'd introduce myself and share a little about a blog that I am working on. My name is Tina and currently I am a 2L. I plan on practicing Sports Law and doing pro bono civil rights work after I graduate and pass the bar. The purpose of my blog is to support moms that are in law school. I have three little ones and while being both a mom and law student can be rewarding many times, it can also be brutal. My blog will be a place of support and encouragement for us moms who occupy the dual roles of mom and law student. There will be advice for staying focused and organizing; balancing home life and law school life; health,beauty and wardrobe tips; romance in law school; final and bar exam prep and much, much more. I will be posting the link once the blog is up and running, but I would like to take this opportunity and ask if there are any other law school mamas who would be interested in helping out/contributing to the blog in any manner? Right now I am doing it all on my own, but I know I will definitely need help soon. Please let me know if any of you are interested. Even if you aren't a law school mama, you could still contribute.

Thank you all in advance and enjoy the rest of your summer!!


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Its going to be a hell of a ride............but if you survive it, well........let's just hope you survive it. Lets not scare you too much about what is on the other side of the tunnel until you get there. ;)

Its good you are doing a blog though. Hobbies are a good way to get the mind sane. FAR too many forget that. You'll know who they are in class when you see them too. Its not hard to spot.

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Good luck to you!  I was a law school mama blogger a few years, or so, ago.  It's a tough road, but it can be done!

If your blog is up, please feel free to post this information:

I am excited to announce the release of my new book, Law School Insights: An Insider's Guide for Non-Traditional Students. It is filled with advice and insights for parents who are either considering law school or who are already in law school.  I speak from experience, having attended law school in my late 30's while working full-time and helping raise two small children. 

The book is available free through September 1, then at a discounted price until September 13. Here is the link:

Check out what this Professor of Law has said about my book:
"Dakota Duncan has written the definitive book for nontraditional students. It begins with the application process and ends with successfully studying for the bar. Here’s a sampling of the issues she explores:
Chpt 1: The Pre-Admission Phase
Chpt. 2: Should You Go to Law School?
Chpt. 3: Getting Through Your First Year and Beyond
Chpt. 4: The Bar Review and Bar Exam
Chpt. 5: Beyond the Bar
Chpt. 6: Enjoy the Journey
Along the way, Duncan helps you consider both the time management and emotional management components for succeeding in law school. Her writing is witty and engaging, and she is brutally honest about identifying her own mistakes so you’re not doomed to repeat them. She is an expert in the best sense of the word because she has lived through the experience and is now using her knowledge to make life better for you. Let her be your guide. Good luck on the journey!"

Feel free to post this on your FB page and share with others!

Thank you - and best of luck to all of you!
-Dakota Duncan, J.D.