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So, the million dollar question.
The question which will make many people money trying to scrawl out stories about hiliary Clinton.

The most recent politician to hit the loser dustbin of political history...along with Dukakis and Mondale.

Why do so many people  not approve, dislike even hate hilliary Clinton?

Those who like Hillary dont seem to get it.

I will answer the question of why Clinton is so viscerally despised.

Hiliary Clinton is DISINGENUOUS.
Her poor ability to obfuscate makes this chalkboard scratchingly clear.

Get it.

The million dollar word is ....


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So, James Comey fired....hmmm

And Andrew McCabe says that FBI was outraged that Hillary Clinton wasn't prosecuted....

When others who had been less criminally negligent than she or committed far less transgressions were prosecuted more vigorously and expeditiously....
Now that makes sense.  I knew we would slowly get to the bottom of Hillarys crime.

Also, I'm laughing that all the dead people who vote and all the illegal votes which will now be investigated by the federal government.

Looks like some political parties will be thinning out of memberships.

So awesome.

Oh yeah, the Russians are still getting people in Pennsylvania to vote for trump even though the election is over...damn it we need to get to the bottom of this....grrr

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Here, let me feed one of the trolls who peeks in here all the time...

My old buddy lol.
Remember this juicy nugget?

Espionage Act 18 U.S. Code s793,

Well, its back on the table....
Hilliary is going to need a new pink dress.

Just broke out some new popcorn to watch the case reopen.
Blue corn, of course.

Pop pop pop!;!

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Democrats are really bleeding out because Trump is not going to be impeached or anything like it...
The Tea party rose and affected the slow decline of the democratic corporate machine in power...

The democratic party is in shambles...
Focusing on removal of Trump---when--lets face it..democrats just helped vote him into not good policy.

More house democratic seats will be lost--as racist or identity politics has not been abandoned.

As the jobs prospects in crease and as unemployment drops even a little....that truly helps trump.
He will probably be elected again if status quo continues.

Why? Because.the Russian collusion doesn't even matter to most people.
Democrats tried to rig the election for Hillary....
People....democrats in particular wont let that be forgotten anytime soon.

As long as Nancey Pelosi is still in power....the party is going to die.

I pray she stays in office a very long time...shes a great political barometer for failure