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There are many women in politics who have been brilliant and successful...
There are many women in politics who continue to be successful and have risen to the top...
How did they get through all the misogyny and sexist attacks but not Hillary???

That is the question to ask.

Hillary is a misogynistic "looney toon" herself....

Ask yourself the question? Put the kookaide  down...

Do you think Hillary Clinton is a narcissistic looney toon?

Is that sexist for me to ask this question?

Also, check out the film, The Contender " in it a politician stages his own form of "heroics" like arriving in a war-torn country to smiles and waves---but instead claim that you heroically survived a hail of gunfire.

Please....that lie alone is what sunk hiliary for most "angry male Americans" and most "angry female Americans"...

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With all the hubub coming from hiliarys new book which is called Shattered its a wonder how so many people got her "inevitable" win wrong.
I knew she was not going to make it and so many koolaide drinkers--like two "supposed lawyers" on this maintain Ing a low profile and the other one who I lol about....didn't quite grasp the political gravity of hiliarys secret e mail set up to thwart inquiry, and keep her "pay to play" operation open which the FBI found criminal negligence but chose not to prosecute.....
Thank god Comey verbal indicted her back in July 2016. And exposed her criminal mid deeds.....hell...even Aaron Hernandez was not convicted of murders he actually committed and the one he was sent to jail for is bow null and void.....ah justice.

But I digress....
Many if us knew that hiliarys campaign was a mess.
Deny, obfuscate and move on do not work anymore, bubba!

She ruined herself--- she, like guilty folk of course knew it--- so did many others.

Who cares? Who feels sorry? Stupid people who dont pay attention to disingenuous base dangerous and incompetent behavior.

Now the best part--- what was truly some awesome "shade" thrown missa hilliarys way today came at the hands of ted Nugent, kid rock and Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin for all her faults is a strong feminist opportunist. Yes, she clings to guns and religion but those are guaranteed in the constitution. And she has every right to mock hillarys loss and rub it in hillarys face.
Ted Nugent and kid rock are the salt in the wound....but hell, this is america and Hillary needs to know that despite their deep faults and somewhat warped ideology have a right to mock the first lady.
It is funny to see those three around her "fake smiling visage" gesturing and showing disdain.
Hillary deserves every bit of it.

Hillary mocked the deaths of Americans in standing over their dead bodies and blaming a video....

Sorry folks....that is worse.

So while I'm a green libertarian. Hillary is a warmonger....mocked the death of kadhafi. Laughed about ruining a 12 year old girls life wo was raped. And I'm not a fan of many conservative values.
Hillary is still worse....

So, let the mockery continue until Hillary is retired. Lmfao

I dont like kid rock at all...he is not talented but he recognized that we needed real radical change in our country.....not obama change... ted Nugent for all his bigoted statements supports the 2nd amendment and Sarah Palin is a feminist... Like it or not.

That bit of shade was awesome....

So, for many of you reading that you despise or find distasteful those pictures of the trio posed in front of Clinton.
Now you know how I along with others feel about Hillary herself.

Feels good doesn't it.
We are free of Clinton and her sexist ideology toward women who she and bill destroyed and those who died following hiliarys warmongering narcissistic policies

Do you feel the Bern????

Well you should. And next time you'll listen.
Bernie could have beaten trump.
How does that feel???

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Dont believe me? Look at how Bernie did in the rust belt.


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Repeat after me.  To win the presidency of the united states one must win the most electoral votes;full stop.

Winning the popular vote means nothing.....nothing....becaus e, that will not win the presidency and it is stupid to think that hillarys 5 trillion or 50 trillion votes in California or New York shows serious ignorance....that logic alone touted by the Clinton "post election koolaide clean the white stains out of hiliarys diapers" shoes that its a good thing she IS out of political clout.

Get it? If you are a person who has said that Hillary winning the popular vote means anything at all you are precious and folks privately laugh at your puerile naivety.😉😄😄😄😄

Trump won the popular vote where it in Pennsylvania.

Huma will write a book to bring her boss back from the dead.
But huma was ordered to do it and is beating a dead horse.

Hillary is finished.. accept, regret, retreat, defeat. Hillary lost.

Winning Texas or California or new York means nothing

Didn't Mondale win the popular vote in one state????

Fun to mock