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Donald Chump

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....some of us actually understand how the law is applied.
....and read more than one periodical
....and don't watch CNN or FOX.

"After days of mendaciously portraying the FBI's serious, expanded, multi-pronged criminal investigation into her national security-compromising emails and related conduct as a "security review," the Bureau has now publicly repudiated her spin.  It's real, and it's spectacular."
--a periodical

Sorry, I Maintain this periodical put it well. Lol!!!

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She already won, just accept it and move on.

Sanders ALWAYS was a joke, handpicked to grab media attention away from any real viable party contenders and yet been too coo coo for coco puffs to get the votes needed to himself beat her

Its all been a rigged show, and the sad part is you can tell man has no clue about it either (really really sad)

Sanders is a joke?  Very funny.
Funny he tied Clinton in Iowa and is going to clobber her in new Hampshire. 

Good thing you pay attention.

Hillary looks like gimp now. Ha ha ha!

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my original post was correct. The story you kept citing was retracted. Moreover, the original contention was correct. Clinton is not the subject of any investigation. The investigation is into the overall matter. There was a Fox News report, citing "sources," but nothing else, and you've misconstrued that as well.

. So I'm not going to bother posting again,

ITS OFFICIAL, HILLARY IS THE SUBJECT of a criminal investigation--some of us already knew this.

And, as I explained to you before, I am not a fan of Clinton. You may find that you will be less disappointed with reality when you base your opinions on what is occurring, as opposed to what you want to believe.

.....stop watching fox news and READ more diverse periodicals--if you really want to understand what is going on.

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because if you say it loud enough on the internet

it will become true.........

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Next we have Nevada.  Seems like Bernie sanders is going to beat her in that state.  She was supposed to win it handily.  What happened?

Anybody still thinking the FBI investigation is not going to have consequences or sanders is a joke candidate?

Not lol now right?



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So, where are all those posters who "dont-care-for-Hillary" but think she is going to win the democratic primary and lmfao........she is absolutely going to be president??????

And those who think sanders is nit going to win this puppy????

How ya doin guys???

Still sipping koolaide and denying there is a criminal FBI investigation going on???"
.....that's what I thought!

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Well, she just won SC by 20 points and is ahead in every single subsequent primary. Nevada is the only one that's close, and even there she's still ahead. She has 350-something superdelegates, Sanders has two.

Nothing in politics is certain, but if we're looking at likely scenarios based on EVIDENCE, not hopes, then she's the most likely candidate. Can you provide a single piece of evidence to contradict anything I've just said? Polls which show her losing subsequent primaries? Superdelegates switching sides? No? Then everything you're saying is just idle banter, no facts. 

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So, where are all those posters who "dont-care-for-Hillary" but think she is going to win the democratic primary and lmfao........she is absolutely going to be president??????

BTW, I've never said she was "absolutely going to be president". Maybe someone else did. That depends on who the Republicans nominate. If it's a nut like Trump, then yeah, she'll win. If it's Rubio, maybe not.

If you think Hillary has skeletons in her closet, can you even imagine the crap that they've already got on Trump and are holding back for later? Who knows what that has in his closet.

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She has (and always has had) a 100% chance of winning the nomination. The elderly white male socialist is a joke and a cartoon cardboard opponent (but no one told him, poor guy)

And there are no viable republicans to beat her. I don't support her. I think she seems insane. But she'll win. 100% chance of it.