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Interested in Entertainment Law. Meeting with some in the field. What ?s to ask?

Hey everybody,

I'm an undergrad that's interested in Entertainment or IP law and I've got the opportunity to meet with some in the field who work at a very large talent agency. I'm still exploring the idea of whether or not the field is right for me, so this meeting is a great chance for me to get some insight into the profession.

Do you guys have any suggestions on what questions might be extra pertinent and might help me decide if this is something that I'd really be interested in pursuing?




It's good to meet with people and I think you should just ask the typically questions of an interview.

However, law school is a three to four year long process. You should become as versed in the pros and cons of attending law school before pursuing a career in entertainment law. It should be noted that very few if any law students that start with a particular field of interest actually end up in that field. When I started law school I thought I would be doing IP Law, but I took an IP Law class and hated it. I ended up becoming a litigation attorney, which is something I never thought I would do as I was terrified of public speaking before law school.

Definitely, meet and then you should ask what this person did to get where they are. You should also try and sit in on an entertainment or IP law class at your local law school. Maybe even go to the bookstore and read the textbook to get some basic understanding.  You might even want to do that before the meeting if possible, just to have something to talk about.

I worked at an entertainment law firm for a little while. Here are some things to consider:

1) Entertainment law firms are not talent agencies. Many agents are indeed lawyers, but the day to day aspects of the job are quite different. "Entertainment law" is really just a mixture of contract and employment law. As an entertainment lawyer, your day will revolve around contract reviews, contract negotiations, and all of the other incredibly boring stuff that civil attorneys do. You won't be hangin' with celebs by the pool at Chateau Marmont. You'll be sitting in an office feverishly responding to a motion for summary judgment.

2) If your image of entertainment law is in any way shaped by "Entourage", drop that image immediately. 

3) Don't go to law school unless you are prepared to be a lawyer, period. Not an entertainment lawyer, not an IP lawyer, but a lawyer. There is a very high probability that you will not be an entertainment or IP lawyer. Those jobs are few and far between, and the competition is stiff.

Ask yourself "Will I be alright with drafting wills and defending DUIs in the valley if I don't get hired in my desired field?"

Excellent points and I think that reality check goes to every profession. Being a lawyer is often times a lot of fun, but also monatenously boring. However, the same applies to being an NBA basketball player. The games are fun, but the constant travel, press conferences, running over plays, weight room, conditioning, etc are grueling. Movie Stars have to go through hours of make-up, working out, practicing lines etc.

Basically what I think few people realize in college is that there is no absolutely awesome glamorous job. Every single profession has it's pros and cons and is nothing like it is portrayed on T.V.

I work with Cops and Lawyers all the time and I wish it was 10% as exciting as portrayed on T.V.  Some of the stuff happens SWAT Team raids, Court Trials, etc, but 90% of the day is sent drafting documents, reviewing e-mails, going to pointless meetings, etc.

Whatever you choose just be ready for the reality check. I think many lawyers are disillusioned, because they often go from undergrad to law school and don't have that realization earlier. The reality of the real world hits them later in life so just be prepared for it.